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Yangon City College, S.T.E.M. Program, Pre-College Program: Now find jobs at City College Yangon.

The Dulwich College Yangon offers a modern, independent British school education. Hlaing Tharyar school campus and Start City Campus in Thanlyin. The TEIN*CC provides office space in Seoul Metropolitan City.

Yangon, Myanmar Imperial College, Myanmar

University of Northampton cooperates with Myanmar Imperial College (MIC), Yangon. The MIS is one of the country's premier public sector organisations. The company provides programs in the fields of business, media and IT. University of Northampton is offering the following programs in collaboration with Myanmar Imperial College:

University of Northampton provides the following program as a support service with Myanmar Imperial College:

Yangon City College Jobs in Myanmar

Myanmar City College Envision to postgraduate the new generations of Myanmar who have an educational background that Myanmar needs. with the following: - University-level training that is pertinent and in need in the labour notion. Teaching British high schools in Myanmar. Employees have full managerial control and assistance.

Each of our employees and lecturers supports the other very well.

Yangon Dulwich College

The Dulwich College Yangon is a college with two locations in Yangon, Myanmar. The Pun Haling area was opened in August 2016 and the Middle College was added in August 2017. The Star City Campus opened in August 2017. Dulwich College Yangon (DCY), like its nine Asian Dulwich College International (DCI) sisters, is a well-equipped, purpose-built twenty-first grade classroom college.

At DCY, the focus is on the production of well-trained people who have a strong awareness of their roles as responsibility in a fast moving global environment - a claim embodied by the college motto'Detur Pons Mundo - Building Bridges to the World'. This syllabus is built on an advanced English Early Years Foundation Stage Frameworks and National Curricula, with appropriate changes to take the different composition of the student community into consideration.

The Mandarin course is a mandatory course with a supple and extensive syllabus for beginner to bi-lingual learners. The study and Myanmar languages are also an inherent part of the syllabus, especially for our native undergraduates. This university' s co-curricular dimensions are outstanding.

Musical, artistic and sporting events, schools and production events thrive on a continuous basis. Volunteers are required to make a contribution to the co-curricular program and junior and senior pupils are invited to undertake two or more weekly extracurriculars. The Dulwich College Yangon is also working to use its location to work proactively with the wider communities and to help develop a transition state.

The Dulwich Foundation (DISF) has selected Yangon as the location for its first Dulwich Foundation event in the city. MYANMAR Magic Bus is an NGO founded with a DISF subsidy to help up to 2,500 disadvantaged Yangon kids overcome the circle of destitution by participating in their living expenses.

Located right next to the award-winning Pun Holing Golf Estate, the Pun Holing campsite will be expanded to offer outstanding amenities such as a 350-seat underground theater, musical, artistic, design and technical rooms, scientific labs, indoor and indoor playgrounds, a large playground, a water sport center with a 25-metre long water sport facility and a full array of specialty classroom equipment.

Located in the first-class Star City residence, the Star City campus has first-class amenities, which include an 8-lane, 50-metre-long Olympics indoor sports and indoor water sports center, a 550-seat theater, an arts and designer center, a three-field fitness studio, two large open-air soccer/rugby courts, a black-box theater and a full array of specialty amenities for all classroom disciplines.

DCY, as a start-up company, provides great educational opportunity for present and future managers and provides the opportunity to grow the business from the very beginning. This college is based on 400 years of training history. Dulwich College, our founding college, provides knowledge, ressources and a range of academical norms to which we must stick.

Furthermore, our strong relationships with our affiliated colleges in Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul, Singapore, Suzhou and Zhuhai allow us further resource sharing and improved careers. Besides the great job opportunities that Dulwich College Yangon offers, our instructors will later be able to move to our affiliated universities in China, Korea and Singapore, where they will have the opportunity to work in another nation while staying in the same networks of school.

Most of the instructors come from the UK, Australia, New Zealand, North America and overseas colleges around the globe. Compensation packages are substantial, include lodging, full health coverage and other services, which include cargo reimbursement, yearly airfare subsidies and free lessons at the college for up to two schoolchildren.

Yangon, formerly known as Rangoon, has a total of over 5 million people and although it is no longer the main city of Myanmar, it remains the country's biggest city and trading city. Located at the junction of the Yangon and Bago River, 30 km from the Andaman Sea coastline, it benefits from a monsoonal clima.

The Yangon International Airport is linked by air links to the main towns of Southeast Asia and by services to Europe via the Arabian Gulf. Units 52-56 and 64-68, ground floor, Building A3, Wing C, Star City, Kyaik Khauk Pagoda Road, Thanylin Township, Yangon, 11291, Myanmar.

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