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So if they can be considered Myanmar citizens, why not Rohingyas? Myanmar's demon (inhabitant of the village) is Myanmar. Rohingya is now called'Myanmar's Forced Displaced Citizens'. Most of the so-called Rohingyas cannot speak Burmese. They came to Britain by exercising the right of a British citizen.

What is a name? Burma and national identity

And I was borne in America. I have a eldest child in Myanmar, but she is not a citizen of Myanmar. Once she tried to use the fact of her birthday to get a better type of visas by argumenting to the Embassy that she was actually a citizen. They wanted double nationality, but that is not permitted in Myanmar.

It' s all very delicate, this nationality deal and we, us in America, are fighting it now. You' re not a citizen of this land. I' m not afraid of forfeiting my nationality. This is not the case in Myanmar. Bamar was the most powerful and various ethnical groups gave him the loyalty, a fidelity to the feud.

Like I said in earlier positions, the Brits ignored the Bamar's predominant ethnical group and took experts from their expanded colonies. The use of cheap, committed and in Britain's view dispensable soldiers enabled the small insular state of Great Britain to govern one of the most vast kingdoms in the world.

The Yangon University graduate, together with his classmates, built an armies composed not only of Bamaren but also of other races, especially the Shan, Kachin and Chin. The various ethnical groups decided to join General Aung San to struggle and gain British sovereignty.

Irrawaddy is an autonomous paper headquartered in Thailand, established in 1993 by a group of journalist/activists who escaped prosecution in Myanmar after the democratic uprising of 1988. Under the Panglong Agreement, racial rulers confided their destiny to Gen Aung San to define their futures by gaining total British sovereignty, followed by a division of powers.

Aung San in exchange for their co-operation approved the equality of the indigenous population and guaranteed them a division of powers within the Union and the right to be secessio. Panglong was the birthplace of a mind of reciprocal confidence and benefits. In the 1947 constitution, however, the ethnical rulers say that the true authority was not with the lower chambers, which essentially led to a semi-federal or unified state.

Federal control of all powers at all levels - municipal, state and national - was exercised by the federal state. Chao Khun Cho, the Shan State Secretary of State, spoke to the convent in this convent, which was made up of politicians, ethnical rulers and cadres. Myanmar, as I understood it, was on the way to what seemed to be a similar governmental vision to the United States.

Part of the authority goes to the German constitution and part stays with the states or minority nationalities. One Win had been a liberty warrior alongside Aung San and U Nu during the Revolution. However, he turned against her and the army, under his supervision, murdering her and her companions in the 1962 army putsch that brought Ne Win to government.

Saving Burma for the Bamaren and keeping away minority groups was a step. Since then, the minority groups have been struggling. We' re always reading about riots in different parts of the land, especially in the northern hemisphere. The year 1962 was a poor one for Myanmar's minority communities. After Ne Win took over, the Indian/Burmese, Chinese/Burmese, Anglo/Burmese, Gurkhas, Rohingha, Panthay and some other ethnical groups disappeared the nationality they had been enjoying after gaining British sovereignty and became foreign nationals in their own countries without the privileges of possessing ownership or trade and without legal safeguards.

The next they were illegals. Reading his story, I began to hum an old tune, "You've got to be carefully made to be taught" from Rogers and Hammerstein Medical, South Pacific, which was released in 1958 when I was an impressive sixteen year old. That'?s what's been happening in Myanmar in the last 40 years in school.

Bamar was "carefully taught" to be scared of men whose faces are strange", to be scared and to hates "people whose skins have a different colour". "Myanmar's citizens are learning more quickly than we Americans. You''ve got to be carefully" lautet : In order to be hateful and fearful, you must be thoroughly informed from year to year.

You must be meticulously instructed by humans whose faces are strangely made, and humans whose skins are a diff'rent shadow. You must be trained before it is too late, before you are six or seven or eight to hating all the human beings who hates your family.

Because I am what I am, and the titles they call me are more about her than about me. She has no force in herself. Myanmar has 135 minority communities. They, the recognised minority groups, are civilians and for the time being secure. Rohingya are a nation without land.

Myanmar's administration is refusing to give them nationality and they are gradually starving and neglecting them. It' like calling them a dog or a calare, the term they use for humans who are more darkly than themselves. It said that the law contained a clause that would restrict inter-religious marriages and converts, as it discriminated against wives and minority groups and could cause tension.

The United Nations High Commission for Enforcement, Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein, called on Myanmar's church and government leadership to do so. View CNN articles, Top U.N. Official Slam's Myanmar Mönch about " hooker " comment. In Myanmar, free expression is new and border checks are underway.

Recently, Myanmar journalist were detained for covering something the administration wanted to keep quiet. That makes me believe the Wirathu administration endorses Wirathu's theorem. Does Thein use His Wirathu to say what he cannot do as head of the state? It wants to see those who are flogged so that it can tell the rest of the earth that it is only following the will of its population.

Myanmar has been a self-contained land for years and the Tatmadaw military has distorted the school's syllabus and story to mirror its own interests. Only recently new information has come to Myanmar. Hopefully humans will be smart enough to see that they are systematic intellectual shanghaits and will look for alternative ways of thought all over the globe.

There is no need for the authorities to butcher them. President Obama paid a visit to Myanmar in November to host the Southeast Asia Summit. There is great cosmopolitan tension, but it seems to fizzle out against the stubborn hatred of Thein Sein and the army jungle. In Myanmar, as I said, there are other groups without nationality and without legal safeguards.

You were a citizen. Fighting honourably and loyally alongside Colonel Aung San, they were decisive for British sovereignty. Deserving their nationality with the lifeblood of their forefathers, they continue to struggle alongside the Bamars and their allegiance is undisputed. What about Burmese? Anyone in the land, regardless of their lineage, would become from Myanmar.

So they identified with their homeland, the land of their origin, the land of their father's origin and so on, back to the time when their forebears arose. Myanmarese is a word that is all-purpose. It is Myanmar and the peoples in it are not Kachins, not Kayah, not Kayin, not Chin, not Mon, not Bamar, not Rakhine, not Shan, not Rohinghas or Gurkhas or Panthays, but just the inhabitants of a land, the land of Myanmar.

There are too many sufferers.

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