Cities to see in Thailand

Towns worth seeing in Thailand

When there is a landmark in Bangkok, it is the dazzling, spectacular Grand Palace, undoubtedly the most famous landmark of the city. What to do in Thailand as a backpacker? Thailand's best backpacker sites, including the best party spots in Thailand, diving and more. Are you planning a honeymoon in Thailand and wondering where to go? Come and visit each city guide and learn more about the specific nutritional recommendations at each location!

8 most beautifull and underestimated cities of Thailand

Thailand has deserved its place as a top traveler' s goal, but where to go if you want to jump over the masses and still enjoy the scenery? It is full of singular cities and nice places outside the traditional tourism trails. Get off the well-trodden paths and look at this shortlist of 8 undervalued places and concealed gemstones in Thailand that will knock you out.

Situated 535 leagues northerly of Bangkok at the northerly tip of Thailand, this town is often overlooked on the Thai travel route. Situated in a lovely old temple (see Wat Rong Khun), this northerly town is a gate to the area. Be sure to discover the Golden Triangle, climb in the uptown, hire a bike to discover the town on the floor, walk through the markets on Saturdays and Sundays and see Kun Korn, a wonderful cascade.

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Top 10 places in Thailand, a spectacularly nice country

Thailand is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Southeast Asia, a land with a captivating past, a religious buddhistic civilization and a wonderful landscape that attracts travellers from all over the globe. Bangkok, a vast city full of transport and commercial centres deserving of any major city, stands in sharp contrast to the paddy fields in the plain, the picturesque towns in the hill and mountain or the angling clubs on the Phuket beaches.

The following is a list of the "Top 10" most frequented places in Thailand, as the Thai Tourism Authority reports. Thailand is Thailand' metropolis of politics, economy, culture, cuisine and spirituality, Bangkok offers both the old fashioned charms and comforts. Every vacation in Thailand involves a trip to the King Kong or Krung Thep, "the town of the angels" as it is called by the people.

The many first-timers to the town have been overpowered by its mere grandeur, others by the multitude of tourist attraction spread throughout the town, the results of more than two hundred years of fast-paced history since it was founded in 1782. Nowadays Bangkok is a twenty-first-century, multi-cultural town with more than ten million people.

Thailand's "Rose of the North" contains both culture and nature, a variety of tourist amenities and inviting accommodation. The name Chiang Mai means verbatim "new city" and has maintained the name despite the 700-year jubilee in 1996. The King Meng Rai the Great, a very devout guide who established many of the city's churches, established the town as the capitol of the Lanna Kingdom at the same period as the founding of the Sukhothai Kingdom.

Not only did Chiang Mai become the main city and culture centre of the Lanna Kingdom, but also the centre of Buddhism in the north of Thailand. Phuket is often the first place that comes to think of when travellers to Thailand speak about the ocean, sea, sunshine, and sands. The James Bond film "The Man with the Golden Gun" in 1974 attracted widespread interest internationally and today offers many luxury properties and tourist attractions for travellers.

Formerly regarded as the most dramatic town in the world, the Ayutthaya Kingdom Council remains are now an important touristic destination, easy to reach from Bangkok by road, rail or sea as a daily trip or sleep. For 417 years a local authority, the old town reached its peak in the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries, when the kingdom's territories in and beyond present-day Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar expanded.

Kanchanaburi is only twohrs from Bangkok by car or train and is a favourite destination for angling, river or train racing, kayaking, mountain bike, birdwatching, stargazing, golf and wildlife and wildlife hiking. One of the provinces on the south Thai Andaman coastline is an almost other side of maze archipelago, where islets seem to break out perpendicularly from the ocean and lonely shores can only be reached with colourfully decorated long-tailers.

Ratchaburi's main tourist attractions are the Damnoen Saduak Swimming Market, a tourist spot frequented by a large proportion of Bangkok's population. Chonburi, Bangkok's closest coastline city, is situated on the east Gulf of Thailand, about 50 leagues from the city. It is rich in nature reserves, making it a favourite coastline among Bangkokers looking for a week-end.

Pattaya is particularly well-liked, but the smaller, calmer bathing resorts Chonburis are also very much loved by Thai and foreign visitors. Sukhothai, or" Twilight of Happiness", was the first truly autonomous Thai kingdom and experienced a gold era under King Ramkhamhaeng, to whom the creation of the Thai language is ascribed.

This magnificent city's magnificent temple and memorials have been carefully renovated, and Sukhothai Historical Gardens, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are very much loved by travellers, especially on the occassional evenings when the gardens remain open and the charming Buddhas are lit up by light. The best known is Phang Nga Bay National Parks, a natural wonder full of islands, submerged caves and surprising cliff outcrops.

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