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Thailand's three largest cities

The most densely populated town in Thailand, Bangkok is the country's capital of the state. Approximately 66,720,153 people live in Thailand as of 2013. Most of the country's inhabitants are predominantly peasants with the highest densities in the country's paddy farming areas. In 2010 Thailand had an urban populace of 45.7%.

Bangkok's metropolitan area is the main focus of the city's inhabitants. In this section we present some of the largest cities in the state. This is the town of the angel, where the undying goddess lives. Nice palaces with a wealth of cultures and kind souls. It covers over 1000 km2 and is heavily inhabited with about 15,000,000 inhabitants.

In terms of volume and populations, Bangkok outshines Thailand's other metropolitan cities. It is a place full of cultural and historical richness that draws adventurous people and travelers. It is a town with over 500 high-rise towers. Since the abolition of the complete Monarchie and the assumption of unconstitutional control, the countries have expanded quickly. Its esteem for the arts has made its town very lively and pleasant to the eyes.

It has always been an art folk because in the past it has constructed wonderful monuments such as its historical Great Palace and temple such as Wat Arun and Wat Pho. It' a CenterPoint for tourism, Thailand's business is as powerful as Bangkok, but despite its positive sides it has many inferiorities.

It' s very crowded and polluted because of its large number of inhabitants, many cars are used, which emits CO2 and pollute the atmospher. Nonthaburi is the place for you if you are not a big fans of overcrowding and still want a glimpse of Bangkok. It was nothing more than a fishermen's town until the nineteenth and since then it has been Thailand's second biggest town with a total of 270,000 inhabitants.

The Nonthaburi is a town with a tropic atmosphere. It has nice places with big commercial centres like Central Plaza Rattanathibet with many culturally interesting places like Wat Khemaphirataram Rajaworawiharn, which has relicts of Buddha. Until 2018 the town is to have one million sq. m. of retailing area, as more and more chain stores are investing in expanding branches in the town.

It has a total of 180,000 inhabitants who are proud of its long tradition.

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