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Unfortunately, Cirrus Airlines discontinued air traffic in 2012. The Cirrus Airlines airline offers many different flights and a cost-effective and secure level of passenger safety. Search the most used Cirrus Airlines airlines' flights to the world. To schedule your next trip, use the following itinerary. irrus Airlines is a local airline headquartered in Saarbrücken, Germany.

The Cirrus Airlines Flights Cirrus Airlines began as an executive charters airline and has grown to become one of the major commute airlines in Germany. Saarbrücken offers regular flights to Billund, Lugano, Chisinau, Salzburg and Zurich. Regional flights in Germany Cirrus Airlines is a well-financed, powerful local airline with good connections to Lufthansa and Swiss Air Lines.

Cirrus Airlines FleetCirrus Airlines Embraer Cirrus Airlines operates one Boeing 73-500, five Dash-8, eight Bodnier 328 and four Embraer ERGs (145 and 170). PayPal is accepted to make Cirrus Airlines air ticket sales easier and safer for our clients.

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Airline Cirrus

Founded in February 1995, Cirrus Airlines partnered with Lufthansa in February 2000. In the course of the years, the carrier has significantly extended its fleets and started regular flights in Germany. Cirrus Airlines has been expanding throughout Europe since 2002 and serves Belgium, Macedonia, Switzerland and Great Britain.

Cirrus DVD is another great one. The Embraer 145 seems to be rolling down the take-off apron! Crew of the 145 and Dash 8 are doing great dashboarding.

The Cirrus Airlines airline runs special services on special flight lines in Germany; only regular airlines serve Hof-Plauen and Mannheim.

The Cirrus opens the only important liner shipping line from Hof Plauen to Frankfurt. In addition to the Lufthansa Team' lines, Cirrus also runs its own web of special -purpose lines. Since 1998 Cirrus Airlines has been offering regular flights. Based at Saarbrücken International Airports, many of the 13 Dornier 328 with 30-32 seat capacity and the two 76-seater Embraer E170 E-Jets are deployed as members of Team Lufthansa.

The carrier also has its own web of special purpose commercial airlines. Of these ten flights with 14 aerodromes, nine are serviced at least twice a day on workdays. It serves a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, with 10 German and two Swiss operated flights (Berne and Zurich), one in Austria (Salzburg) and one in Moldova (Chisinau).

To date, the carrier has started two new flights in 2010. Connections between Munich and Berne began as early as February, followed at the end of March by a three-times a day connection from Germany's busiest international airfield (Frankfurt) to Hof-Plauen, one of the smallest in the north. This connection to Franfurt is currently the airport's only regular connection.

Cirrus is also the only provider of liner shipping service (to Berlin-Tegel and Hamburg) at Mannheim City Airport, which has a take-off and landing strip just over 1,000 meters long. irrus Airlines is a wholly owned company of Aviation Investment GmbH, which also includes Cirrus Maintenance, Cirrus Flight Training and Nuanaours. Serve Moldova; are you Cirrus?

The website of the company states that the service between Frankfurt and Chisinau (flight numbers 01151 and 01150) is served by an Air Moldova Airbus A20. This two-and-a-half hours plane leaves Frankfurt at 3:00 pm and lands in Moldova at 6:20 pm (local time). From Chisinau the plane leaves at 04:45 am and reaches Frankfurt at 06:20 am.

Do you know that there is an international airfield in Mannheim near Frankfurt? Indeed, Peter Ulf Geisler, CEO of the Berlin and Hamburg airports, welcomed the 222,222nd Cirrus customer.

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