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The Circle Line is dedicated to sightseeing in New York Harbour, with boats designed to allow you to see as much as possible all year round, rain or sunshine. New Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises Discounted Trips Ticket Dates and opening times under or by telephone under (212) 563-3200. We kindly ask you to come 30-45 min earlier for the board. BEAST speedboating is season dependent, so have a look at the timetables on circleline42.

com. Thanksgiving, New Year and July 4. It is not included for extra tours: Upgrade to a larger value class trip (except season and extra tours) for $5.

Timetables are restricted and some cruises are season dependent, so you should book in advance. Please review the cruises available for your trip dates: or call (212) 563-3200 before you leave. Before your trip, please have the Circle Line Skyline Navigator App available for you. The Harbor Lights cruises can fill up fast! Arrange an early arrival or book your ticket for this trip.

Situated near the city centre, Circle Line provides several journeys per days, making it simple to find a timetable that suits your timetable. During the arrival 45 mins before the start of the trip is usually enough to get on your boat during rush hours, some cruises fill up quickly. When you arrive at Circle Line, you can select the next available ferry of your choosing.

Pre-booking at Circle Line allows you to book your tickets for your chosen trip as long as the travel duration is within the 9-day duration. When you are planning to upgrading to the Harbor Lights trip, you should get there early as there is only one departures per night and it may be sold out.

Dinner with newly cooked choices and refreshments, as well as a complete cocktail lounge on the boat. Guides, memorabilia and more on the boat. A regular one-hour Liberty Cruise or a trip with the BEAST (available from May to September).

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Experience New York's icic landmark from the sea with a boating trip of your own choosing, from the best of NYC to a harbour light setting and more. See the beauties of New York's harbour and discover the city's landmark on board Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises. NYC's award-winning travel guide, renowned itineraries, state-of-the-art vessels and stunning vistas of the NYC skies round off your New York adventures with Circle Line cruises.

Two and a half hours around Manhattan from Brooklyn to Queens; Staten Iceland to the Bronx. Bend to the Statue of Liberty as Circle Line leads you along the NYC Creeks. Marvel at the town that never slumbers and enjoy the stunning view of NYC after sunset - an memorable two-hour Manhattan itinerary.

Between the Empire State Building and Chrysler Building and the Statue of Liberty, the One World Trade Center and more, you can see New York's most celebrated sights and enjoy a breathtaking view of the town from the sea in just an hour and a half. Expresscruise to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island from Midtown to see the inner cities attractions.

83, West 42nd Street, New York, 12e Avenue, New York, NY 10036.

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