281 photos & 185 reviews - Canada (New) - 1641 Rue Saint-Denis, Ville-Marie, Montreal, QC, Canada - Restaurant reviews - Telephone number At such a low cost the qualitiy is very good, the personnel is kind, the space as a whole is very beautiful. However, the services are not very quick. Delicious French fry and ciders! I' ve got the surf and turf burgers with French fried meats. So I asked for half a rarity, but the burgers got through.

It was exaggerated for my liking, but it had two beautiful slices of roasted prawns on the dough. Thin and crunchy French fry. Pretty crunching hard. Lovely services, lovely atmosphere. Lovely personnel, lovely interiors, lovely terraces. I gave my buddies the barbecued samba cheese with rummus and igacamole and the cinko vegetable hotdog, both with (delicious) chips or lettuce.

Mouldy bluecream cheesecream didn't make the dish. In the end, I ate my friends' chips. I' ve wanted to try the Cinko for a while, and my purse too. I' m taking the cookie with French-fried potatoes and macro n cheeses. and it' the goddamn name.

It' just a good old-fashioned burgers with crunchy French-fried potatoes. All I' ve given him is that their French fry tastes like mcdonald's, which is across Cinko. It' got a good view inside, but it's quite dusk. Your windsurfing and lawn burgers were very good. But their French fried potatoes were cool and sober and felt like they had been out for a while.

They also have small servings, especially their macaroni and cheeses. SURVEY:: Sluggish waiters and bad meals. Very good customer care, sat down very quickly. So I got the Cinko-Hotdog, which was very good, also the Routine, which was very good and filled the whole butt. My sibling also got the risottos with mushrooms and roast chickens and the Portugese chickens with vegetables and French frites was also ordered.

Our personnel is very kind and courteous. It' a lovely place to go out with your buddies, the price is not high, I suggest the tortillas of chickens and the hot dog cinko with marjoram. The waitress was really cute and the seafood taco was really astonishing. Sitting at the cocktail lounge I thought it was a fast and easy game.

The barkeeper was audited on duty. There is no need to create a suitable product or even to talk to me in the localization. So I ordered the barbecued cheeses I had here before. When the barkeeper asked me if I wanted French chips or lettuce, I was amazed because I don't remember the barbecued cheeses that came last with one side.

and the barkeeper glanced at me and said that I was 102 and that this was my food. So I repeated my "no" at what point the food was in front of me and both employees left.

So, let me get this right, TWO co-workers can be explained that this is not what I ordered, both ignored me and not even interfere to ask what I had actually ordered to resolve the situation? a.... How did you get "hamburgers" from "grilled cheese"? But I stumbled upon some French-fried potatoes, as it was useless to try this with their colleagues, who obviously did not do it.

So I asked the waiter to pack the food because I didn't want a hamburger. and a tasteless, boiled burgers pie. Five dollars menue.... you get what you are paying for, and the a***. Both my man and I like the burgers best, with French-fried potatoes.

I found out this one, the lettuce isn't very sour. I' had the seafood toucos with lettuce, and he' s got theurf and lawn burgers. The outdoor food was very beautiful and it was not too full. Our staff is very kind. Considering the situation I expected a student-friendly surrounding (I was probably the oldest in the area) and a little higher than normal and that' s exactly how it was.

We were sitting at the café with a mate ( "I really don't care, it's actually my favorite place), the personnel was very kind and the services were very fast. So I ordered a mug of pint with the fishy and chip taco and of course the Ferrero cinko.

Cinko has a great choice of not only unbelievably inexpensive, but also interesting meals AND a great ambience with fashionable decoration and soundtrack. and we all ordered a meal. Rejected to add to my fishy and chip taco side salad. They were quick and friendly to serve, and soon they were bringing beautifully presented, colourful platters.

Even though my toucos had a good mix of roasted seafood and picko de gallon, they were also covered with 3-4 unpleasant French Fries (the "chips" part) and fed with an almost non-existent coating of iguacamole, which was in poor taste and tanned by oxy-frost. They were a little aqueous and too sour, but were given in large quantities for the fishs.

would be to get more than one meal and split it all with your mates.

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