City of Cilegon on the west coast of the province of Banten, in the western Java region of Indonesia. Big savings on hotels in Cilegon, Indonesia online. Explore Cilegon with the help of your friends.

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The town of Cilegon is an important seaside industry town in the Banten region of Indonesia with an area of 175.51 square kilometres. Situated on the Isle of Java. In 2010, the town has 374,464 inhabitants; the officially intercensonal estimate in 2014 was 416,464.[2] Among the plants in Cilegon are the Krakatau Stahl Co., a vibrant Indonesian enterprise producing steels for industry (domestic and foreign), and the Asahimas Chemical Co.

Cilegon''s other name is'Steel City' as the capital is the biggest South East Asian manufacturer of steels, about 6 million tonnes of steels manufactured each year in the Krakatau Industrial Area Stahl, Cilegon. Cilegon is also one of the most important state entities. Because in this capital there are a lot of other important buildings like the Merak Harbour, Krakatau Industrial Zone (including the PT.

Suralaya PLTU, Krakatau Power Station, Krakatau Tirta Industrial Water Treatment System, The Sunda Strait Bridge Construction (Lot Plan) & Sunda Strait Industrial Zones. Pictures or group portrait of students of the H.I.S. in Tjilegon (Cilegon), West Java. The Cilegon is situated on the far northern shore of the Java Islands, at the confluence of the Cilegon River and the Ciwandan Bay, which is the confluence of the Sunda Strait and the Ciwandan Bay.

The Cilegon has a warm and moist climatic zone on the border between tropic monsoons (Am) and savannah (Aw) according to the Köppen climatic system. Although the town is relatively near the Ecuadorian coast, it has a pronounced rainy and arid time. Cilegon' s rainy period lasts from November to June and lasts most of the year.

For the rest of the four month period the drying time of the town is complete. Situated in the westernmost part of Java, Cilegons rainy spearhead is January with an annual mean precipitation of 389 millimeters (15.3 in), and its low point in the arid period is July with a daily mean of 30 millimeters (1.2 in).

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