Big discounts on Chungju-si hotels, South Korea. sspan class="mw-headline" id="Comprendre">Comprendre[edit] The Chungju (??, ??

) is a small village in Northhungcheong, South Korea. The Chungju (not to be mixed up with the province capitol Cheongju) is a practical traffic junction for different places in the Middle Korean mountain range. It' a nice place rich in touristic springs and Jungwon (the centre of a Korean field) cultural life.

Chungju's glittering new Chungju coach terminal is situated on the north side of the city in a large building with a Lotte Mart supermarket. Danyang is served by the hourly 1:30 W6200 runs. You can take a very picturesque boat trip over Chungju Sea to Danyang (2 hrs, W18000) during the summer months, and you can take a tour of the pond all year round (unless the pond is freezing in winter).

Departure from the W950 is by 301 coach (30 min, W950), which departs opposite the coach station, but check with the touristic information centre for the timetables (and if the boat departs) as there are only 9 busses per night. Chungju is certainly the simplest way to explore by taxi.

Khungjuho has the biggest multi-purpose seawall in South Korea, which houses the biggest freshwater area and connects Chungju, Jecheon and Danyang in Chungcheongbuk do. Around the freshwater lakes are Mt. Wolaksan National Park, Mt. Geumsusan, Gudambong Peak, etc., so you can experience the natural beauties that harmonize with the deep waters.

You operate a touristic boat from Chungju to sin Danyang (53 km). Every month in the month of Octobers the Municipality organizes the Chungju International Marine Art Festivals. Taekgyeon, Taekwondo and various combat sports of the whole planet can be enjoyed in this film. The Taekgyeon could be described as the superior fighting skill of the Taekwondo, which has been recognised as an Olympics by the IOC since 2000.

There are two great resorts in Chungju-shi: Angseong-oncheon is located in the north-west and can be accessed by village shuttle No. 365. And Suanbo's in the southern area. From there, you can take a public transport service in front of the Chungju regional train station. The Chungju is known for its apple. Apple is much less expensive here than in the whole of Korea.

There is a desk inside the coach station at the useful information desk. The Danyang - caves, hills and sanctuaries, widely known as the main tourism destination of Northchungcheong County.

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