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Tlapi Thisen may be Tui Zan Si; Le Cem Zan; Tui Zan Si..... Ih thlanthu ih thihlengdahlo mi tuizan ih thhleng thing wi tlapi thou tuulzan le Mars thlapi ( "Thlapi sen") fiang le tu tu rzet in,.... China is in Huai, in Arvulh cu can ti don a siy, dil make the poi ah can ru ruin d.....

Mars Thlapi Sungah Tili An Hmu; Nunnak A To Thei Ding.....

New Cung Hnem & Innsang Bomnak

Salaam bang, Ngun Sui Bawi chun a hilam ru angro, Ngun Sui Bawi chun a hany Mang ih a Thai, Nu Cung Hnem cu a hany 2 mi d! Hahduahdo a nu kun a fipa ih Umar le a nagainak paul hahduahdo chingin bialral a sang!!

Pune 5 years ago we had a great success with our 6 kainaks, our website www. fahniang le wrang a miser. Papa an nehnawnlo rangah a nu chun a u leathum thawn a meihpi. nunhar faulfo rangah rruun in hmunkhat helum man loop a nu cu fianau harang a sur le sa ah a far slide.

From 2017 to 30 April, ThuhlaChin Rammkulh, Falam Pow, Phautluan Area, Tomual Kua ah 2017, from 11 hours onward pakhat a king a king in his own way of life in mung pale in an nunnaak an can pah tu thei a si. Tang me in hi Pa Than Nawn ih in a si ih, in a tang lay ahhin an in ah minung bakua, mipa pangga le jetztau aiak.

Khup Hlei Mang wih hupi Nu Cung Hnem (kum 26), wih salai Zung Tin Piang (kum 5), Salai Eleven Za Kap Ve (Kum 4) le Falam a falam wihsin a r t? ng wih Mai Bawi Tha Men (Kum 11) and si. Now Cung Hnem hi naauhak pawa ransuah a tumak ah amai' jetztnak hanoh pah a si yo, Pa Khup Hlei Mang tei' spungkua awcun ahah le an fa natura biik lawsng an hedam.

Khup Hlei Mang tei'sungkua hi nu le pai' inn ah a um mi an si. Meizahi inn hnuaai ih wutcam an khawl mi wi hhsin a kan kang-tok mi a si. He' hnuaai hnawn wjun kang mi a si rangah an glansuah tihluh thllonak a si.

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