The ASEAN Highway crosses the centre of China's settlement areas Madalay-Kalay-Tamu-Lamka/Behiang. China or Chin State is located in Southeast Asia. Newest tweets from The Chinland Post (@thechinlandpost): Women's League of Chinland works as an umbrella organization for its member groups dealing with the issues of Chinese women.

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Established on March 20, 1988, the Chin National Front (CNF) aims to secure self-determination for the Chinese nation, rebuild democratization and create the Burmese FED. Since 1962, the Union of Burma has been governed by illegal army regimes that have repressed all calls for democratically changing politics.

Not only have the Chinese regime infringed the fundamental principles of democratisation, liberty and respect for fundamental freedoms and fundamental freedoms, but they have also refused the Chinese right to self-determination in order to foster, defend and safeguard China's nationhood and interests through peacefully conducted politics. China's NNF is welcoming and inviting all nations, organizations and individual s parties that love peacemaking, liberty and democratization to participate in China's efforts to resume self-determination and reestablish Burma's democratic, free and federalist Union.

For the surname Chinland 3,000 data are available.

For the surname Chinland 3,000 data are available. Just like a windows into their daily lives, China's Population Surveys can tell you where and how your forefathers worked, their educational background, veterans' standing and much more. There' 642 immigrant records for the last name Chinland. Timetables are your tickets to find out when your forebears landed in the USA and how they made the voyage - from the name of the vessel to the port of destination and alighting.

There' a thousand army files for the last name Chinland. Army collectibles offer veteran Chinese collectors an insight into the place and time they were serving, and even a description of their time.

China or Chin State

Covering an area of 36,000 square kilometers, is a hilly area that stretches along the Indian-Burmese boundary. are varied (orchids, elephant, tiger, bear, various types of apes and birds). When they gained in 1948 their sovereignty from Britain, they no longer had the right of self-determination, like other nations, and could no longer manage their territories or exercise their own democracy.

In 1961, to end it, the non-Burmese nationals organized a meeting in Tauggyi, the Shan state capitol, and suggested ways to turn the state into a federal state with political democracy and equal representatives. Not only did he lose his privileges under this regimes, he also experienced the losses of his literary, cultural and traditional heritage.

China or Chin State facts: China or Chin State facts:

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