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SYSTRAN can be used for all your Chinese translations. The SYSTRAN website offers a free online Chinese to German translator. SYSTRAN's translation software preserves the meaning of the original text more than a word to word translation into Chinese, which is often incomprehensible. Learn why only Chinese characters are accepted for translation from Chinese into English, Mandarin pinyin is not supported. Besides the translation of the text, a dictionary search is also performed to help you check the accuracy of the translation.

Evaluate Chinese English Translations, Evaluate Chinese English Translations

SYSTRAN should be used for any free Chinese translations. SYSTRAN, the leading provider of machine translations, provides a free Chinese-English interpreter. Would you like to have a non-English e-mail translated from a provider, a Chinese language marketing survey or a webformular for your next holiday abroad? Nowadays, in today's fast-moving international markets, we have to convert Chinese into English for your own and/or work.

Immediately communicate in native language with SYSTRAN's language conversion tools. Interpret yourself! SYSTRAN, the world' s premier provider of machine translating without the need for manual interaction, provides quality results in seconds.

SYSTRAN's CAT tools preserve the significance of the source text more than a Chinese to Chinese word-for-word conversion, which is often incomprehensible. Count on SYSTRAN to quickly and effectively produce a free Chinese English text. The SYSTRAN product is used by tens of thousand of customers around the world, among them Web sites, Fortune 500 and government agencies.

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Interpret a brief text excerpt from English into Chinese or vice versa. For Chinese to English texts only Chinese symbols are acceptable, Mandarin pinyin is not in use. Besides the text search, a search function is also provided to help you check the accuracy of the text.

Attention: These are automatic transmissions which may not be the same. Use the Microsoft Bing Translator translating tool for transmission.

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