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The best Chinese restaurants in London, England: TripAdvisor travel reports from London restaurants and search by price, location and more. There is a Chinese restaurant serving Chinese cuisine outside China. The majority of them are in Cantonese restaurant style, often adapted to local preferences, such as in American-Chinese and Canadian-Chinese cuisine. You will find the best Chinese restaurant London ideas, from dim sum London restaurants, Chinatown London restaurants and Michelin-star meeting points.

It is the best Chinese restaurant in Wales.

Swansea's Chinese restaurant was rated the best in Wales. Swansea's Gigi Gao's Favourite Authentic Chinese is the overall champion unveiled at a London ceremonial. Under the direction of moderator Gok Wan, the award was chosen by clients, while a jury, which included Ken Hom, Ching-He-Huang, School of Wok's Jeremy Pang and Sunday Brunch's Simon Rimmer, presented awards to each other.

When I first called to say we were shortlisted, I thought it was a fraud. "I am delighted that I won because it really puts us on the British eastern food menu. If someone as esteemed as Ken Hom says he belonged to Gigi Gao's Favourite Authentic Chinese, it means so much that I can't put it into words."

There is a large choice of starters, shellfish stewed in whole with soya and clams, meats and a range of grilled meats from Canton. This restaurant is known for its large choice of wholesome and artful meals.

The Fortune Chinese Restaurant | Real Chinese Traditional Luxury

One Oxford St, Southampton, SO14 3DJ. It has a glass fa├žade on two sides of the house, with views of the road and a busy Southampton junction. Like you, we like to eat a lot of different foods. Please click here to get the PDF-file. Children under 8 years and week-end rate including all public holiday.

Residual meals are billed at the A-La-Carte menu rate. Dinner is an enjoyable, relaxing and private event that is different for locals and foreigners and will ensure that you can have an unforgettable Chinese meal every meal. We will be pleased to present you our menu with precious prices on certain dates, public holiday or celebration.

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