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These are a list of newspapers in China. Newspapers in China for information on local topics, politics, events, festivals, people and economy. A list of Chinese newspapers published in mainland China dealing with sport, business, education, work, health and travel. In many countries of the world, the spread of digital technologies has led to crises for newspapers. The Australia Epoch Times Newspaper is the largest Chinese newspaper in Australia and the most popular Chinese newspaper in Sydney and Australia.

Newspaper in China

These are a selection of Chinese journals. In China, the number of journals has risen from 42 - practically all Communist Party journals - in 1968 to 382 in 1980 and more than 2,200 today. China was the biggest newspaper industry in 2006 with 96 titles. 6 million units per day, followed by India with 78.

The advertising revenue of Chinese papers rose by 128% between 2001 and 2006. The number of Chinese papers almost tenfolded between 1950 and 2000. More than 400 types of dailies were issued in China in 2004, with a print run of 80 million, the highest of any newspaper in the entire planet. The newspaper sizes are becoming more and more varied and are aimed at different readership groups.

In recent years there has been an important tendency to reorganize newspapers. So far, 39 newspaper groups have been founded, including the Beijing Daily Newspaper Group, the Wenhui Xinmin Associated Newspaper Group and the Guangzhou Daily Newspaper Group. The New Beijing Newspaper, which is owned and operated by the Guangming Daily Newspaper Group and the Nanfang Daily Newspaper Group, was the first newspaper to be formally approved by the Chinese authorities for publication nationwide.

Orient-Observation Weekly also appeared in Shanghai, whose biggest stockholder is the Beijing-based Xinhua Newspaper Agency. There were two Chinese press offices in 1987, the Xinhua Newspaper Agency and the China Newspaper Service (Zhongguo Xinwenshe). And Xinhua was the main resource for corporate and community newspaper bulletins and photos. People' s Daily and Enlightenment Daily (or Guangming Daily) and People's Liberation Army's PLA Daily continue to have the biggest print-run.

As well as these large partisan and military bodies, most specialist and academic organisations publish papers or magazines with specialist information in areas as diverse as aerronomy and entomology. Therefore, in order to make this information available to the general public, most of them have been publishing them. Daily papers focusing on reports and reports on the locals and regional activities were very much in demand and sold out every single working days just after they reached the kiosk.

The English-speaking China Daily began publishing in June 1981. The newspaper, which was intended for Chinese residents and travelers, but was also widely used by Chinese writers in English, provided important world intelligence and sport coverage, as well as interesting local information and editorial.

The Reference Newspaper, an international information service providing Chinese translations of international messages, was available to cadre and their family. It had a print run of 11 million in 1980, but with the ensuing distribution of other newscasts, its print run sank to 4 million in 1985, changing the subscriber policies to make it available to all Chinese.

A further resource for international coverage was Reference Information (Cankao Ziliao), a limited Chinese emphasis on international coverage, which is only accessible to middle and university cadre. Many of the articles in both magazines contained articles that were critically acclaimed by foreigners. Titansorts - China's most popular biweekly sport newspaper; it began as a weeklies focusing on global football and was then extended to Chinese football messages, particularly with China's first appearance at the finals of the 2002 FIFA Women's World Cup. 2.

More than 80% of the print sporting publications markets have been captured and held - with branch publications such as Soccer Weekly, Golf Digest China, Slam China, Runners' World China, etc...

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