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Find out why the Chinese translation of "language" | The official Collins English-Chinese Dictionary is online. Instantly communicate in foreign languages with SYSTRAN's translation software products. Language lovers discuss everything from English-Chinese translation to grammar and everything related to the Chinese language. Simplified Chinese translation. Simplified Chinese <

> English dictionary, monolingual Chinese dictionary and other resources for the Chinese language.

Chinese-language glossary

To find an English-Chinese translation in the English-Chinese glossary, type a term to be translated in the box above. It is also possible to type in a Chinese term as both sides of the on-line glossary are scanned. You can use an option filter if the Chinese or German words you are looking for have too many translation results in the English-Chinese glossary.

Fine-tune your quest by modifying the regional, grammatical, style and more. To see all words and expressions in the English-Chinese glossary, click a character from the alphabet below. You use this feature to scan the Chinese language manuals. If you want to see the English-Chinese translation page for a single term and all Chinese translation and related syonyms, just click on the links.

People are constantly add new Chinese dictionaries to the English-Chinese one. Latest translation is displayed here. You can use the verification program to tell us which English to Chinese translation to add to the glossary and which not. English as well as Chinese are evolving as a language.

As a result, the translation from English into Chinese will also evolve and evolve. They can help keep the glossary up to date by including your own Chinese translation. Any time a new English or Chinese term is proposed for incorporation into the glossary, it is marked as unconfirmed. That means it still appears in the English-Chinese glossary results, but other people may know that it is not 100% correct.

Registred members collect points and fight for the top spot in the global rankings. Every attendance, such as proposing new Chinese translation, earns the participant points. You are not sure whether you would like a translation from English into Chinese? Language enthusiasts will be discussing everything from English-Chinese translation to English language learning, as well as everything related to the Chinese language.

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