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Homepage - Chindwin College Electronics engineering will play a key part in the years to come, as we are becoming more and more dependent on quicker and smarter technology. In order to meet the challenge of a constantly evolving global economy, there will always be a need for machine builders. Are you interested in the economic and managerial worlds? Sharpening your ability to cognitively think critically, analyze and synthesize, solve problems and make decisions.

Providing key competencies for corporate financial Reporting, which include communications and numerical abilities, social competence development, negotiation, teambuilding, governance and self-management.

Wellcome to Chindwin College

Cindwin is the first college to offer HND classes in Myanmar. Chindwin's philosophies are easy. "In the classroom LEARN" the approach, See what our recent college and college graduates and graduates say about CDC Mandalay recently took place instead of Basketball competition. College kids. It was attended by faculty, staff and faculty members. Traditions should be hugged and partied.

The month of October is the period of worship. All our attendees honored the members of the faculties and held the ceremonies..... TheinPhyu Road Lower Block, Botahtaung Township, Yangon, Myanmar. E-mail: george.latt@gmail.comThis E-mail addresses are secured against spam bots. Myanmar.NET, Yangon, Myanmar. Copyrights © 2018

ChingWin College

The Soe San Boarding Schule was established in 2007 as a third grade educational institution and has been successfully active in the field of high schools for over 20 years. The Chindwin College was established to manufacture top qualitiy engineer and to open the door to higher learning abroad. In spite of its pronounced emphasis on civil and structural sciences, Chindwin has not only extended its technical studies, but has also added the departments of economics, hospitality and tourism to provide new study programmes.

Chujindwin works in close collaboration with the Myanmar Engineering Society (MES) and is the only associated college with MES in Myanmar. The Chindwin College offers an MBA program in Myanmar. The program offers the high level of training and workable abilities and expertise to help every alumnus work successfully in his or her career.

At the moment Chindwin is offering the following courses of study: BTEC Higher National Diploma: Electro-technology & Electronics, Mechanical Engineering, Construction & Environment, Economics (Management), Economics (Accounting), Pearson BTEC Level 2 & 3 Programmes: BTEC HND is not only a precious and international recognised training opportunity for entering the industrial sector, but also provides an introduction to the last year of the Bachelor programmes at British University, Singapore Institute and Chindwin College.

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