Chindwin College in Yangon

Yangon Chindwin College

The PSB Academy and Chindwin College establish Myanmar's first jointventure to meet Myanmar's higher learning needs. The Chindwin-PSB Institute will provide engineering and business studies to Higher Nation Diploma (HND) students from across Myanmar. Tin Latt (left) and Viva Sinniah (right), Chairman of PSB Academy, at the opening of Chindwin-PSB Institute--Myanmar's first ever JV with a privately held educational establishment in Singapore. For the first time, the institutes worked together to provide a Bachelor of Engineering in 2016 for the University of Portsmouth alumni.

"The Chindwin College is a brilliant example of higher educational achievement in Myanmar, and we recognize the number of ways they have evolved over the years for Myanmar's young people to succeed across sectors and border. "With our common resource, our knowledge of the community markets, our extensive network and proven methodologies of instruction and training, we are able to become a uniquely placed Myanmar student exchange program for high level higher educational achievement.

We are looking forward to continued peer collaboration with the federal authorities, academia and business so that we can maintain our strong, industry-focused training and promote those worldwide who will drive ASEAN's change. "says Viva Sinniah, Chairman of the PSB Academy. "We are now one important milestone in our mission to become a top quality Myanmar university services company with a worldwide reputation.

Chindwin has become a respected educational mark that Myanmar college kids can rely on through our public-private partnership and cooperation in science, trade and academia, and I am confident that with the PSB Academy, which has been helping Ph. D. graduate New Economy for 50 years, we are focused on success," said Tin Latt, chairman of Chindwin College.

The PSB Academy and Chindwin College have been working together since 2016 to provide Myanmar HND graduates with a Bachelor's degree in Engineering and Economics from the University of Portsmouth, UK, recognized by the UK government's TEF Gold Ranking and ranked among the top 25 UK institutions according to the Guardian ranking.

As before, the university will work with the Chindwin-PSB-Institute to further focus on the areas of technologies and post-graduate studies. It is also planning an extension with another Mandalay university. "Celebrating the first results of this relationship with our groundbreaking group of about 60 engineers who have also found outstanding jobs in the Myanmar Engineers Society and worldwide tech firms such as Huawei.

I' m optimistic that by maintaining our continued accessibility to higher learning, we will develop a powerful talents portfolio that will be at the forefront of innovations and advancement. By delivering programs tailored to the needs of today's young people and workplaces, we will invest to make a significant contribution to the development of the country's infrastructures and thriving businesses," said Graham Galbraith, Vice-Chancellor of Portsmouth University.

The director of the new institution is College Director Kan Win Oung, who has worked in various executive roles in various tourist and educational establishments in Switzerland, Singapore and Myanmar. Before taking on this new position, Kan was also a teacher at Chindwin College for Business Administration and taught professional classes taught by UNESCO and Myanmar's Ministry of Public Health.

"Burmese people are hard-working, open to changes and willing to take on new roles - and these are the qualities we are hoping our pupils will refine. The Chindwin-PSB Institute hopes to promote confidence in a rapidly modernising Myanmar - that those who are ready to meet the challenge will find ways to achieve their aspirations.

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