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Myanmar, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar. Inquire Brenton K about China Town Yangon. Yangon (Rangoon) on TripAdvisor: Street west of Sule Pagoda Downtown Yangon, Myanmar (Burma). Must-have in Yangon, Myanmar!

Yangon Street, Chinatown, Myanmar Barbecue

If you are in Yangon and looking for restaurants, you will probably come across the famed Yangon 19 th Strait in Chinatown. Each night, the Maha Bundala boulevard is animated by salespeople of all types who sell all types of food, from Chinese to Myanmarese.

Turning into 19. avenue, the messy snack bars filling the sides of the highway become a little more relaxing, and there are a number of full-size dining areas (not the usual minature sculpture chairs) where you can se.

Nineteenth Street is best known for its traditional barbecues and local beers. It is a well-known neighborhood of the city and even in the NY Times 36 hour route for things to do when you are in Yangon. Through little more than a lovely dinner service, and a lovely closet with refreshing kebabs, Ying and I chose to settle into a place called Shwe Mingalar Restaurant.

You should realize most of the objects on spits, almost everything is quite common - there are pig meat, chickens, meat balls, tofu, fins, octopus, prawns, crayfish, and then fungi, brown cabbage, carsrots, asparaguses, and many other things too. Not too many asked a lot of question, I just pointed to some of the kebabs to which the friendly woman who assisted me immediately put them in a bask.

Several of the types of flesh already appeared pre-cooked, so that I mostly moved away from them and got trapped with uncooked flesh and a few spits of veg. Part of the flesh on the spits appeared to be already in marinade and seasoning, while other spits were almost as simple as the greengrocer.

There was one thing I didn't want to miss that was a grilled beef. As I recall my last trip to Yangon in 2011, I had several occasions to fill my lunch in the 19 th road (I think for 3 consecutive dinners), on proteins. It has been nicely marinated with a chilli mixture of chilli and some additional herbs.

When selecting grill spits on 19 st Yangon Street, note that some have a full list of meals, mostly from China (but you may need to ask for the menu). This way you can simply count on grill spits, or you have the possibility to supplement your meals with other meals.

Once you have completed your order, it is safe to relax and take in the Yangon outdoors. Although 19 th is a side road, and away from the major campaign of Maha Bundala, it is still Yangon, and it is still bustling and interesting. The majority of those who walk down the road are chasing barbecues and meals, but there are occasional lorries and cars that squash through the road (don't get hit!).

Myanmar beers are a fresh complement to a Yangon St. foods dinner on 19St. And the first thing that arrived was the seafood, this one a little more blacked out than I had seen before! Serve with a tomato and chilli tomato dressing and a tomato and chilli chive dressing (just like Thai prak nennen pla).

And then the remainder of the kebabs came, all grilled, and all slightly blacked out at the sides. They filled me some kebabs with spare ribs of pigs with anchovies, but otherwise I mainly picked vegetable because I knew I wanted to feed a seafood. Within a few moments, the remainder of our meals were arriving and we were prepared to celebrate on 19St.

The marinades and the spices of the freshwater salad - they were filled with chillies and maybe also filled with gingers and sprinkled with a layer of chilliaste. Unfortunately, the cooked cod was over this year; it was quite dried and did not have the fluffiness normally found in a tiltapia like this.

All the other kebabs, which the waiters took from the poles (could I say destemmed or destemmed?), were a bit over grilled. These were not quite the succulent quality of these kebabs in Tokyo (on the other hand, they were not quite the prize either). I' d think this place we had dinner at has quite similar rates to most of the other places on 19St.

Forty-two ("The grill we ordered was 11,100 Kyat - $11.22). Was it a supplementary drink with the amount of foods we ordered? However, the price is more than in many other Yangon places, but on the other hand you get more proteins. Well I think about $10 per capita is a good account for a large dinner on 19 th road.

Yangon 19 is known as Grill St, a place with a number of places to grill in Myanmar in the traditional way. It is a bustling and bustling boulevard, but at the same it is a restful pause from the plot of the larger boulevard and Yangon Parket.

Dining along Nineteenth Avenue is a good place to grill, have a glass of cold water and soak up the outside ambience of Yangon (video). 105 19 st, Yangon, Myanmar (the eatery is located about 100 metres from the 19 st of Maha Bundala and takes both sides of the road).

Of course, the 19. st is directly at the 19. st in the city center of Yangon (which is in a well organised raster). Entrance to the 19. avenue of Maha Bundala (the major highway leading directly to Sule Pagoda).

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