s_span class="mw-headline" id="Municipalities">Kommunen[edit] The Chinandega (Spanish pronunciation:[t?inan?de?a]) is a division in Nicaragua situated on the Honduran frontier. Covering an area of 4,822.

42 km², it has a total of 429,557 inhabitants (estimated 2015). Chinandega is the capitol. They produce rums from sucrose maye, other produce are bandanas, groundnuts, shrimps andalt.

That Nicaraguan locational item is a stump.

Chinandega, Nicaragua

The Chinandega area, which is a huge plateau contrasting with a volcanic range and bordering the long, uneven Pacific coast, offers several rides. There are many brooks and interesting sandy areas, but also historical places, tranquil places, quaint little hamlets and nature preserves. Chinandega and El Viejo are the neighbouring municipalities and are the main centres of the city.

Chinandega is a very busy town. In addition, the outlines of the Cordillera de Los Maribios volcanos can be seen in many parts of the area. One of the most impressing of all is the volcano San Cristobal, with its almost perfectly shaped bowl, which makes it the highest volcano in the world.

Together with another named "Casitas", this vulcano forms an extended nature conservation area with many mounds. El Chonco vulcano is close by, but much smaller. Cosiguina, an interesting peninsula that enters the trinational Gulf of Fonseca, is situated at the north-western end of the département, at the centre of which there is the Cosiguina vulcano, also a nature conservation area.

Especially if you look into the craters, where you can see an unreachable and nice Laguna, the view is unbelievable. Coastal area that the Pacific Coast has has several successive tourist sites. Padre Ramos estuary reserve is easy to reach and has a large grove of mangroves that can be seen during a sea canoe ride.

Beside this beautiful sandy area, besides the long, beloved Jiquilillo sandy area, which is often frequented during the holiday season and is empty all year round, visitors will find more mouths. Paso Caballos's mouth is close to the peace full Paso Caballos, among others less used. In Chinandega there is a custom place named El Guasaule, directly on the Honduran coast.

There are also really interesting, but little frequented places. Estero Real is a vast nature reserve with mangroves, wildlife and a large number of wildlife. There are 13 communes in this division.

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