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The China Southern is flying between Mandalay and Kunming. Yunnan Airlines operates a weekly direct service from Kuala Lumpur to Kunming from Kuala Lumpur. Kunming, the capital of Yunnan province, is known throughout the year as the "city of eternal spring" because of its pleasant weather conditions. PRINCIPLES Information, control and carry-on baggage rules, contact information & more. If you are looking for flights to Yunnan that fit your price range and programme, you will find our selection here.

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Yunan Airlines, was founded in 1992. In 2002 it was amalgamated with China Eastern Airlines. Merger with China Eastern Airlines in 2002. Yunnan Airlines China has 13 Boeing 737-300 aircraft, 4 Boeing 737-700 aircraft, 3 Boeing 767-300 aircraft, which formed a large group of mostly Boeing aircraft types.

Yunnan Airlines continued to develop its fleet with increased load capacity and added new routes. To date, 63 national, non-scheduled national, inter-national and interregional airlines have operated services to Seoul, Japan. In addition, the carrier initially operated a local round-trip line such as Kuming-Dali-Banna-Kuming, Kuming-Lijiang-Banna-Kunming, etc., so that secondary routes, major local routes and major intercontinental routes could serve their customers or cargo sources and supplement their services, creating a single, global carrier infrastructure that enabled the steady expansion of Yunnan Airlines.

We had 4 squadrons with 243 drivers who successfully completed their duties many a time and achieved great glory for Yunnan now. The Yunnan Airlines Servicing Plant prided itself on a group of seasoned, well-trained servicing personnel, and it is fitted with a large parking lot, materials parking lot and other servicing facilities to ensure that the aircraft maintained before entering Kuming International Airports, all servicing indices had met the shipping standard set by the Civil Airlines General Bureau.

The Yunnan Airlines policy was "Safety was the first", "Customers were the first" and is expanding its network of outlets to offer more comfortable services to travellers. In addition to a large computer shopping centre, commercial divisions and bureaus were established in Beijing, Shanghai, Canton, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Bangkok and Singapore and commercial agents were sent to 17 towns throughout the state.

Yunnan Airlines has also had over 100 regional airlines and provides web, phone confirmation and customer support ticketing throughout the state. It also implements the "Regular Traveller Plan" and the "Regular Customer's Corporation Plan", "Flying Free in Yunnan Air", which the members of the "Golden Peaceock Club" develop to repay it.

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