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onah Fisher reports that women and children are being bought, sold and traded from Myanmar to China. For the latest news from India and the world, visit DD News. Myanmar is ready to take Rohingya back, China says. Hongwei, Modern China-Myanmar Relations: Asia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, China, WeekinFocus.

Myanmar is prepared to take back Rohingyas, China says

Approximately 700,000 Rohingya Muslims have escaped armed repression in mainly Buddhist Myanmar since August 2017, and many have reported large-scale murders, rapes and fires in the West State of Rakhine, the UN and other relief work. The United Nations said in May that it had signed a framework agreement with Myanmar to allow them to returne.

The Chinese State Councillor Wang Yi said he had a meeting in Beijing on Thursday with the Myanmar State Councillor's Kyaw Tint Swe and listened to a story about Myanmar's attempt to solve the question of return. "I firmly believed that the Myanmar side was already preparing to welcome these refugees who have come to Bangladesh," Wang told journalists with Bangladeshi Foreign Secretary Abul Hassan Mahmood Ali at his side.

"We really expect the returns procedure, especially the first group of returning refugees, to be completed as soon as possible," Wang said. Myanmar has already provided prefabricated homes for the returners, and China has provided shelters and other relief items for Bangladesh, he added.

Myanmar and has supported a so-called legitimacy counterinsurgency in Rakhine. Al-said he had had extensive conversations with Wang about the Rohingya. "In this respect, we have been seeking China's help to ensure a favourable climate in the state of Rakhine for the early return of these expellees to their homes," he said.

China's $7.5 billion port in Myanmar'Crazy', says Suu Kyi adviser

Myanmar city of Kyaukpyu was "crazy" and "absurd" for a Chinese deepwater harbour worth $7.5 billion, according to an important advisor to Myanmar ringleader Aung San Suu Kyi. The Chinese CITIC group, which won a contract to construct the harbour three years ago, estimated the harbour and the associated SEZ at around 10 billion dollars.

"That', said Sean Turnell, Suu Kyi's economics advisor, at a Singapore meeting on Friday. "That is far, far, far beyond what is needed for such a thing, and that is something the administration has been looking for," he said. China's first state-owned venture capital company, CITIC, has suggested a 70 per cent share in the scheme, with the rest divided between the Myanmar administration and a syndicate of Chinese companies.

It would operate the area for up to 75 years and fund Myanmar's share. Myanmar and China are in negotiation to fund the scheme, which the Myanmar authorities hope will stimulate industrial growth and job creation. Recent Panama Canal construction costs only $5.25 billion.

"The notion that a Myanmar harbour would be worth 7 billion dollars is absurd," he said. Turnell said what worried the Myanmar administration most was the case of the $1 billion hambantota harbour in Sri Lanka, where the Colombo administration strongly lent the harbour but could not pay back the credit and China gave a 99-year leasehold for the cancellation of debts.

"The example that has attracted real attention in Myanmar," Turnell said.

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