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Domestic Flights & Hotels China Travel Agency offers China Tours, Yangtze River Cruises, Domestic Flights & Hotels. Experience China on a small but nice tour. Chinese highlights travel between Shanghai and Beijing and visit the Great Wall and the Terracotta Warriors.

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Explore China at every turn with our one-of-a-kind guided tour and 1:1 help from a committed China specialist. "Nihão and welcome to China!" There are three itineraries below to give you an impression of what is possible when you are travelling with us. All of our trips are aimed at helping you to enjoy China as it is known.

Be free to design each trip to suit your favourite destination, interests and dates. Soak up China's classical landscape in Guilin, as well as the antique cultures of Beijing and Xi'an and stylish Shanghai, all in 11 working hours. Discover the most popular attractions in Beijing, Xi'an and meet the Panda Keeper Program in Dujiangyan of Chengdu.

Which way to China? Highlights and Sightseeing in China

If you weren't conscious, the land is massively - utterly considerable, and some of the best places to attend in China you need a decent pair of going footwear â" you watch up miles just seeing the visions, especially in Beijing, where the trafficking is horrific and taxis hop only adds to the impurity.

Otherwise, the journey from A to A is quite easy: the country's well-conditioned road network covers more than two million kilometres, and the country's super-fast high-speed railway itself has become a touristic tour. It' s messy and suffocating smeoggy, but if you're courageous and open-minded, it presents an adventurous journey of story, might and futurity in one.

It is a huge complex of almost 1,000 buildings, galleries, museums and gazebos and was the former home of the Chinese emperor from the Ming dynasties to the end of the Qing. They do not go to Chengdu because of its inherent beauties; it is a fashionable town with average wheather and a great deal of people.

The municipal gardens are clear and colorful and the natives, in a distinctly unchinese way, do not think much of savouring the tea house lifestyle that is essential to living in the town. Gubeikou section of the Great China Walled is about 20 km long and is characterized by 143 lighthouses, a historic reference to its great importance for the war.

In contrast to other, more touristy parts of the walls, Gubeikou was not renovated and maintained its impressive mixture of precipitous stairs, bumpy rock faces and centuries-old pedestrian accesses. The Huangyaguan is a depiction of the whole Great Wall, but in thumbnail, and is a set of cranky fortresses and high spires constructed on a 700 m high mound.

Jumping up and down between mountains, rocks and rock faces, it is constructed in front of a breathtaking setting of luxuriant rock. It' s been fixed, but sympathetic, and has more architectonic diversity than anywhere else on the mural. Aside from the dangers, what do you get when you are crossing a ferocious decay with a hill crest and precipitous outcrops?

This is Jiankou â" the higher, more abrupt and more sinuous bathboy on the great masonry. It is also a photographic hot spot with a nasty hostile lookout point and precipitous stairs rising into the sky. Jinshanling Great Wall is one of the best conserved parts of the whole of Jinshanling but it is truly secluded and insulated.

There' s rock and debris, as you would have expected from anything that hasn't been repaired since 1570, but if you're looking for a quiet stroll with unbelievable view over the mountains of Jinshan Big and Little, then you've come to the right place. For over 4,000 years Luoyang has been the capitol of 13 different China empires and is a birthplace of China's civilization, full of historic and culturally rich.

Longmen Caves are an incredible example of ancient Tibetan buddhism, with over 2,000 caves, 1,000,000 hand-carved Buddha sculptures and 40 complicated skulls. Xiâan was the beginning and the end of the Silk Road, a flourishing and demanding town of trade, faith and ingenuity.

Xiâan today is characterized by an impressing richness of important places and relicts, especially the terracotta army, which still keeps watch, and is more transport and environmental contamination than ostentation and processions, but is still definitely deserving a stop. Yangshuo is a small town surrounded by an expansive landscape and karstic pathways cut into the landscape by the li river's verdant water.

Yangtze, the equivalence of China's Great Wall, is a winding, winding breeding ground of landscape and civilization that extends from isolated mountains through ravines and into fruitful areas where other seas meet. Its most gorgeous route, the Three Ravines, was once impassable, although today, thanks to a reservoir, it is a wonderful sea for ferries and canoes.

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