Chin state Population

Chins state Population

Hakha is the capital of the state. It is a mountainous region with few transport links. China State is sparsely populated and remains one of the least developed areas of the country. As a result of migration, the population of China is shrinking rapidly.

Myanmar 2014 Census - Chin State Census Report Volume 3-D[EN/MY] - Myanmar

Myanmar 2014 Population and Housing 2014 MPHC was carried out de facto from 29 March to 10 April 2014. Successfully planned and carried out the census activity, followed by early publication of preliminary results in August 2014 and now of key results in May 2015, is clear evidence of the government's determination to disclose all information gathered by those surveyed in accordance with Population and Housing Survey Act No. 19 of 2013.

Now, I trust that the most important results, both those of the Union and of the individual States and regions, will be properly understood and will have an effective impact on our ambition for domestic and sub-national developments in terms of programming and decision-making. Established people' s registration bodies, which included the Central Commission, States/Regions, Districts and Municipalities and the International Technology Advisory Board (ITAB), a group of 15 international specialists in the field of international and local government surveys and statistical data, provided the necessary support, both administratively and technically, to carry out the survey.

Our technological assistance and our keen wish to comply with global norms confirmed our obligation to adhere strictly to the policies and advice that are part of global best practice for the U.S. Federal Population Survey. The Main Constitutional Report - Chin State Report (Census Report Volume 3-D) is one of 15 papers in the third cycle of Population and Social History Surveys to be published by the 2014 MPHC.

The report contains details of the population and household demographics and socio-economic features at the state/region, district and municipality levels. Information from the Union is presented in the census volume 2, while the 15 states and regions are included in their corresponding accounts, all of which are contained in the census volume 3.

Some population groups in the north of Rakhine State and in some areas of Kachin State were not covered. For parts of the municipality of Hpa Pun in the state of Kayin, only the overall number of homes and population by gender was presented to the Office of the Population Censuses. That non-counting concerned both the Union's report and the three States' one.

With UNFPA's assistance, the government has minimized the effects of these incidents as much as possible and assessed the population missing in these areas. Estimations for the population not included in these areas are also included in this publication. Your funding, engineering and logistics were crucial to the overall effectiveness of our nationwide population.

Thein Sein, President of the Republic of Myanmar, and H.E. Dr. Sai Mauk Kham, Patron of the Central Commission for the Myanmar People' s Republic, for their invaluable counsel.

Recognition must also be given to the main ministers in each state and region who managed the activities of the censuses in their territories together with the Directors of Immigration and National Registration of the state or region, and to the members of the Central Commission and Committees of Censuses at all levels of government who have worked untiringly to assist the 3-D (Chin) cycle of censuses.

We would also like to thank the Population Ministry and UNFPA engineering crews for ensuring that the survey was carried out according to the scheduled timetable and that all reporting and policies were prepared and supplied on schedule. In conclusion, I would like to thank all the Burmese population for their collaboration during the listing in particular and for their continued assistance to the overall cycle of the population.

Let me reaffirm our commitment that the data from the Population Census are kept in strict confidence and with the greatest possible diligence and will only be used for statistics and will not be used for any other purpose.

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