Chin state Myanmar Travel

China State Myanmar Travel

Open only recently to foreigners, the number of visitors to Chin is still low. So I went trekking with naing travel services as I found her name in this forum. China State is located in the western part of Myanmar on the border with India.

Chinese State

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Mindat trek chin condition - Myanmar Message Board

{\pos (192,210)}I just ended 4 day in the at least in the chin state. Several good guesthouses exist in the city. So I went hiking with naiing travel supplies as I found her name in this forums. is a terrible drunk. I' m okay with the rough, but he's a very perilous drunk and non-professional.

And there are many other indigenous tour leaders who can do hikes. Pension Solo Naaing can propose a guide. It is a beautiful and great place to walk off the well-trodden paths.

Chinese State

While at least 3-4 night stays are needed to do this, the long and jumpy trip to Chin State will give you an insight into pristine Myanmar. For those looking for comfort for creatures, this thinly inhabited area is not one of the most isolated and least advanced in the world.

Until 2013, it was not possible to travel to the area without previous authorisation from the authorities due to severe travel constraints. As these rules begin to relax, targets such as Mount Victoria (Nat Ma Taung), Kanpetlet and Mindat have begun to rely on the well-informed travelers' radars.

The hike to the top of Mount Victoria is a real eye-catcher for most people. From Bagan to Kanpetlet, a seven-hour open-air ride by Joe offers many ways to brushe your shoulder with local people while stopping at small marketplaces and towns. Then it will be necessary to spend the night in Kanpetlet, before we leave early the next day for the Mount Victoria bases.

Sometimes the vegetation grows naturally, sometimes giving way to a view over the surroundings and gently recalling the wide and secluded countryside of the area. When you reach the meadow-like peak, you can take in a 360-degree panorama of the rugged and beautiful Chin State countryside. Kindly be aware that a journey to Chin State is not suitable for everyone.

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