Chin state Myanmar Map

China State Myanmar Map

Wild, mountainous and remote, Chin State (?????

??????) is Myanmar's poorest and least developed state. The elevation information of Chin State, Myanmar (Burma), including elevation map, narometer pressure, longitude, latitude and live map. Myanmar & Chin State Map. Tribes of Myanmar (Burma): Chin state is divided into north and south.

Chin, Mun in Myanmar (Burma)

Mun Chin are living in the mountains of the south Chin state in the west of Myanmar (formerly known as Burma). Myanmar has seen ethnical divisions and riots since Burma's first empire in the 11th centuries. In the absence of information about the Mun Chin, this section is derived from their relation to the Daai Chin and concludes from their situation around the Matupi township in Myanmar.

Mun Chin are also known as Chinbok. It is a pejorative word that means "lazy" in Burmese. There is a spring that says that the Mun Chin of the Kanpetlet area call themselves Cho. Myanmar's Chin people were once called the "wild mountain tribes".

Chin was also a pejorative Myanmar word used in the past to refer to all the different mountain peoples near the Myanmar-India frontier - a disregarded and overdeveloped area. Mountain peoples in South China make a livelihood by catching, chasing and foraging. You also practise travelling field farming. Forests are state-owned land, but the peasants are fighting for their right as land owners.

Owning property in Chin State is a complicated affair. Burma is one of the world's largest producer of rices, but the Mun Chin are only able to support themselves. In order to increase their incomes, the Mun Chin work in migrant, saisonal workplaces, e.g. in sugar cane cutters or in plants.

The quarrying of gemstones such as jad, jewels and saphires is another way for the Mun Chin to help themselves financial. Usually a Mun Chin home has only one room. Since the ground is the centre of domesticity, it is rude to walk into a Mun Chin home while you' re weary.

Municipal politics are governed by the Myanmar state. So what are their convictions? Whilst most of Myanmar is Buddhist, the Mun Chin practise their own ethnical faith, which includes animist convictions. Mun Chin's animist convictions contain ghosts named nat' and are naturally wicked. Mun Chin have many medicinal issues.

Illnesses caused by lack of hydrogen iodide, such as goitre, are among the primary public healthcare issues in China. Cristian doctor crews are needed to meet the Mun Chin's bodily needs. The Mun Chin adhere to animist convictions and are living their life in anguish of displeasure to the ghosts. Ask the Lord of the Hive to dispatch workers to work under the Mun Chin.

Ask the Holy Spirit to give the mission agency that focuses on the Mun Chin a wise and favorable attitude. Ask the Lord to create a powerful and expanding Mun Chin community in honor of His name!

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