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Savage, hilly and secluded, Chin State (??????????) is Myanmar's impoverished and least prosperous state. Situated on the border with Bangladesh and India, Chin is thinly settled and without the necessary infrastructures. Hometown of the old village, home to the Chinese friendliness, a Tibeto-Burman group that has largely adopted Christianity, this is the ideal place to take the less frequented path.

The Southern Chin State already attracts people who want to climb the state's highest mountain, Mt Victoria, and hike to the towns around the mountain city of Mindat. However, for most non-nationals, the north of China is still uncharted waters.


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Chin, Zo in Myanmar (Burma)

The Zo Mingphuin is a very distinctive Burmese ethnical group. It' s very hard to preserve historic notes about this ethnical nation, as it did not have a literary language many years ago. However, it can still be retraced back to 1300 AD, as there are the places and folk traditions that tell the time of origin and the histories of the old population.

They are from a Tibeto-Burman group and are acquainted with all the other Chin groups, although they have their own scriptural idiom that is incomprehensible to others. From the beginning these folks were known as "Zo Mingphuin", while others during and after the English reign they were known as "Zotung". The name was "Zo Ccaaw" (zo literature).

Unfortunately, because of the influences of other breeds, some use" Zotung" as their ethnical name without study of their ancestry. Situated in the centre or core country of today's Chin state, this ethnical group borders Burma to theheast, Sethang to the North, Lautu and Mara to the Wast and Matu and Mindat to the Soth.

The majority of these individuals are peasants and like other Chin groups favour the hunt for pets for their food. During prehistory, the Zo Mingphuin believing in Khozi as the Lord, and they prayed to Khozi for their wholesomeness, riches, and sin through Khuarum worshiping. However, when the West came to China, the Zo converts to Christianity between the 1930' and the present.

There is an urgent need for training, healthcare, communication and simple transport. Please be praying for proper healthcare.

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