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Take a look at our Chin State Photologue! China State is a state of Myanmar. Flagge von Chin State Falam Township of the Chin State. Forced to flee and once branded an enemy of the state, Cheery Zahau is now one of Myanmar's best women's rights activists. China State borders Bangladesh and India northwest of Myanmar.

Myanmar's long way to Chin State: Trip to better dismantling

"It is Hakha in Chin," said my associate Kyaw Soe Lynn with a grin. For me and our staff, the journey itself had a more profound significance than the facts I had learnt during my research. It' been the feeling of being on the street for a few hour at a time.

However, this was nothing in comparison to the Chin state' s population, which has been on the path to growth for many years. That journey has shown us the link between streets and accessibility to foods, streets and accessibility to schools, streets and accessibility to power, streets and more.

At the same time, we realised that the beautiful scenery we were experiencing could give an impetus to the tourist industry if only the streets were clear. To get to Hakha, our crew first had to go to Kalaymyo and then the long distance from there to Falam and then to Hakha. At 7 a.m. we started our journey, nervous to be on our first journey to Chin State.

We collected that a landslip blocked the street that had happened that evening. Thinking about turning back, we found that the way back was smaller, the vehicles blocked in front of and behind us and didn't leave much room for manoeuvre. Also, the streets were slick and slimy, making the trip a traitor.

And we saw folks going up the hill with kittens and bags, motorbikes trying to shake through the carload. At the end we and other folks just were sitting there in busses and lorries just wait for the dredger to come and the roadblock to be removed in the hope that the landslip was the last.

At 4:30 pm we got out and drove over five hour on the winding and slimy street over hill and valley and eventually reached Hakha at 7:30 am. During our 9:30 a. m. session we listened to the words of H.E. U Pu Sui Thio, Minister of Transport of the State of Chin, after expressing his recognition for our journey during the wet seasons.

"I wish the pace of implementation of this path would be quicker than your voice," he said. The journey gave us the strength of our experiences, the current state of affairs and the personal contact with our most important interlocutors. This consultation and visit gave us a feeling of urgent need to carry out environmental and social impact assessments so that we can help construct streets quickly.

The enlargement will help Myanmar to reinforce its programmes and reform to foster economic development in the countryside, enhance food, healthcare and educational provision, increase employment and develop a better infrastructures. It means better streets and connections that will enable the Myanmar population to take advantage of local and international marketing opportunity and set the standard for building roadways in the state.

Working for the Myanmar community was a great honor and - Kar Lun Tu - thank you for Chin's kindness.

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