Chin in Meaning

Meaning of the chin

Insulting Exceptional or excessively fat, i.e. having several rolls of fat (chin) on the neck. Thought as humorous insult, the sentence is a pun on the word chin and the alleged commonness of "Chin" as Chinese surname. verb (used with object), chinned, chin-ning.

the part of the face under the lower lip; protruding part of the lower jaw. Her chin is the slightly pointed part of her jaw at the bottom of her face, below her mouth. The chinnsubstantivs im Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary.

retract chin

Can you please tell me what that sentence ("retract your chin") means? "and fill your nostrils to the limit, drinking in the sun, greeting your buddies with a big grin and putting your heart in every handcuff."

It' actually more of an upwards motion, but it draws your chin "in" the direction of your body's line.


Commenting on my contribution to NAPOOO, Mr. Kinn-Kinn said that I would have placed it in the same World War I period and in a military environment (large jar of wine red: "Kinn-Kinn, alter Knabe! CHIN-CHIN.

It' is a distortion of the expression ts'ingts'ing, Pekingese ch'ing-ch'ing, a word of address that responds to'thank you','adieu'. A chin-chin smoking in the same vile vernacular means any kind of cult (see JOSS). It' s strange that the sentence appears in a picturesque tale that Wilhelm von Rubruck was narrated by a Christian preacher he encountered at the court of the Great Caan (see below).

It is also noteworthy to find the same history with the unique proximity of the correspondences from "the China Geography Books" by Francesco Carletti, 350 years later (1600).

Chuck chin. Now, chin! The OED only says "Chinese ts'ing ts'ing" for the sake of the etymological world; this is vaguely annoying both in terms of "dialect" and meaning - they should at least really be adding signs to the on-line issue. Anyone have more specific information about the use of this sentence in China?

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