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He rubbed the stubbles on his chin with the back of his hand. The Spanish word for chin, with example sentences in English and Spanish. You will learn how to say chin in Spanish with the tone of a native Spanish speaker. A Hindi translation of "chin" | The official Collins English-Hindi dictionary online. Aus Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English.

Spanish chin

What do you have on your chin? Qué sienes en la barbila? For a long time the chin has been recognised as one of a kind for the homo isapiens. The chin is recognised as a singular feature of Gay Sapien. Put your chin on the cushion. Soubarbilla en la Alpohadilla.

Put the fiddle under your chin. Place the fiddle under your chin. If I don't hit you on the chin, you're gonna hit me on the chin.

English-language lexicon

Today's term is for the description of a crowd - we Dominicans say it if we want a small amount of goodness. It is a very important term to remember - especially if you are a visitor, because Dominicans are inclined to service large quantities of meals! One thing is not mentioned by Commander is that even if you ask a Dominican for "un chin" of good meals - you will probably still get a great deal!

The same applies to cuts, if you want to have "un chin" removed, or if you want your strand of un chin to be " alone and chin " short, be VERY cautious - they will do a lot of cutting!

translation into Polish

EnglishEffectiveness has only been proven for affected areas of the face and under the chin. The medication has been shown to only work on facial hair and chin hair. DeutschAnd this Metapher in my mind -- I have Annagnorisis and peripeia on my chin. English I can still see Hillary shooting and dripping down her chin with the ironmen.

English And he loses his lower mandible, his lips, his chin and his maxilla and his teeths. But his chin doesn't look the same anymore. But his chin doesn't look the same anymore. EnglishIt's also a little chin barb here with a bluish fluorescent bait on them that they can use to pull booty off a long way.

It also has a small lure on its chin with a shiny blue lure at the end, which it can use to lure a potential prey from a distance. EnglishIt has a chin barb. DeutschAnd I came in a half hr before so I could have it put on and kind of get used to it, and they got it twisted so it won't hit my chin.

Most of the accounts were for the chin and top lip, were moderate ( 90%), and less than 1% of respondents retreated from the trials because of hirsutism. 4.

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