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Myanmar Chin Hills

Chin Hills is a mountain range in the state of Chin, in northwestern Burma (Myanmar), which extends northwards into the Indian state of Manipur. Also known as the Chin Hills for its mountainous geography, the hills are higher and the Shan hills fall down more. Hiking in the Chin Hills. Though Chin Hills are less visited by visitors than Shan State, they offer good trekking opportunities. Apples and oranges from Chin Hills are famous in Myanmar.

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Khonu Msung, or' (Mount Victoria), in the south of Chin State, which is 3,053 metres (10,500 feet) high, is the highest summit of the Chin Hills. Chin Hills-Arakan Yoma Mountains eco-region has several woods of pines, camellias and tea wood. It is the biggest city in the Chin Hills, located on its south side.

Chin Hills is the east part of the Patkai Range, which encompasses the Lushai Hills and passes through Nagaland in India and part of Burma. Lushai Hills are often debated with Chin Hills because the landscape, cultures and histories are similar. Arakan Range (Arakan Yoma) is the extension of Chin Hills from east to west.

From a historical point of view, the area of the mountains was inhabited by the Chinese, who, like their neighbours in the western part, are a Laimi population. As well as subsidized farming, the Chinese invaded Burmese communities on the Myittha and Chindwin River plain and each other. In 1888, the British launched a British army strike to end these attacks, which led to provincial peace in 1896[3] and added Burma as a separate group.

"Chint Hills."

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The Chin Hills mountains in north-western Myanmar (Burma) extend along the Indian boundary and form the main and broadest part of a range from the Arakan Mountains to the Patkai Mountains to the north. From 7,000 to 10,000 ft (2,100 to 3,000 meters), they peak at Mount Victoria (10,150 ft (3,100 meters)).

On the border between Myanmar and India, the Chin Hills border the Mizo Hills and Manipur Hills of the Purvachal or Eastern Highlands of India. The Chin Hills, bordered to the south by the Myittha River to the south and the Kaladan River to the north, consist of a maze of wooded chains of hills penetrated by steep, gorgeous canyons, with moist valleys and colder crags.

Over 900 meters the rainforest gives way to oaks and pines and above 2,100 meters rhododendrons. In the slope forests, where the local populations are mainly located, there is a shift in farming. Arakan Mountains, Chin Hills and Patkai Range illustrate the north-south Indochina trendline that has hampered the east-west migration and helped the settlement of the area by northern Asia.

Chinese are speaking Tibeto-Burmese. Chin Hills are a border area between Myanmar and India.

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