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Written by Jeff Chin, Product Manager, Google Translate. Gogles Jeff Chin announced the pricing:. You can now revamp your website with Google. You will still sometimes come across a number of texts that we have not quite understood..

... That' s why today we're starting a new trial function (in beta) that lets you customise and enhance the way the website builder will translate your website. As soon as you insert the metatag to customise a website, users will see your customised style when translating the page, even if they use the Chrome and Google Toolbar translate function.

You can now also "suggest a better translation" if you find a text that is not quite correct, and later you can approve and use this proposal on your website. In order to optimize a translation: Then click on'Contribute a better translation' and then click on a word to select an alternate automated text to translate - or simply double-click to directly translate.

Once you are logged in, the fixes made on your site will go online immediately - the next page a user will translate on your site, he will see your fix. When one of your users provides a better rendering, the proposal waits until you authorize it. They can also ask other authors to make edits and enter glossaries.

At the moment this new experiential function is free of costs. With the Translator Toolkit and the Translate API, we are hoping that this function offers a cost-effective way to extend your global coverage and remove linguistic obstacles.

Now Gmail translates emails that have been translated into several languages[VIDEO].

Automatic Gmail news translations are no longer an experimental process. Google's best-loved e-mail marketing tool can now translate e-mails into another world. For example, you can receive an e-mail in Japanese and have it immediately converted into English or talk to a French speaking buddy without ever having the knowledge of the Japanese langauge.

Automated news transmission was initially launched in Gmail Labs in May 2009, where it became a success with a wide range of different Gmail customers, especially those who work with individuals around the world. In the next few workdays, the services will be extended step by step to Gmail subscribers.

If you get an e-mail in a different langugage, click on the "Translate message" link in the e-mail headline to translate it for you immediately. Bi-lingual people have the ability to disable the function, and those who periodically get mail that needs to be translated can choose to have Gmail always translate them.

Do you already use automated news translations? How would you like the Google Mail add-in?

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