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For example, he read a passage from the Bible = Baibal cauk chungin hmun knat a rel. Biahal ding na ngei maw? Chuck in the Bible (8 instances) "If a man or women has an infection on their heads or chins, the clergyman must check the infections. When it seems to be lower than the hide and the fur in it is scarce and pale pink, the clergyman must declare the individual impure. It' a flaky eruption, a dermal disorder of the brain or chin.

And on the 7th he should be shaving his scalp, chin, back and brows. He will be pure after he has shaven all his hairdos, rinsed his dresses and taken a bath in water." Do not remove the tips of the face and chin.

He changed his behavior in front of them and made it look as if he had fallen from his mind, hammered on the city' s doorways and let the waters flow from his lips into his chin. He took him by the chin with his right arm to give him a little bit of a hug.

When I heard this, with a sign of sorrow and the pull out of the scalp and the out of my chin, I sat down on the ground with deep concern. Now you, O Human Son, take a harsh daggerboard, use it like the edge of a clipper, and let it go over your forehead and chin; and take dandruff to separate the bristles by heft.

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Lower end of the face below the oral cavity; tip of the lower mandible. Abbreviated definition: moustache. Old Balt let his chin hang and a contemplative man came to him..... An uninterrupted look at Christian life. Rprehensible, approaches the pulling out of one' s head and the straightening.....

chin on your hand. Varro's proud prodigy waited while the others were laughing, his eyebrows and chin raised a little with rage. if silent..... for women) to understand that the baby was a little maid...... room, and would only as high as the chin of the Princess would achieve if she were.....

Don't always reform. Arms with such sophistication, tweezers to weeding their chin so thievishly? .... The duty to imitate Our Master has been teaching us through servants, even beasts.... their bondage under their chin,[9035] or in some other legitimate way is debtor..... a. ) From or to the chin; genius; as, the spiritual nervous system; the spiritual area.

"Ageing", "aged", are the translations of various words, yaqen yaqan, "the chin", "the beard", perhaps to have the chin in focus or .... the scalp, or in the chin coat, (BBE RSV). LĂ©viticus..... like; -- usually followed by to or with; like to be up to the chin in the waters.....

Matthew 13:29 And if a man or wife has a sickness on the chin or in the chin-hairs, then the preacher should see the sick spot; and if it seems to go lower than the chin, and if there are thin golden hairs in it, then the preacher will say that he is unclean: he has the sign of the sickness of the addict on his or in the hairs of his chin.

14:9 And on the seventh of the days he shall have all his scalp and chin and his eye and all his scalp and all his scalp severed, and he shall wash his clothes and bathe his whole skin in waters, and he shall be pure. 19:27 The ends of the ends of the ends of the hair around your face and chin must not be sheared.

And Samuel 21:13 And he changed his ways before them, and made it seem as if he had fallen from his own mind, and hammered on the gates of the city, and let the waters flow out of his lips into his chin. He took him by the chin with his right arm to give him a little bit of a hug.

9:3 And when I heard this, with a sign of sorrow and the extraction of the scalp and chin of my own hairdos, I took my place on the ground in deep distress. Hezekill 5:1 And thou, O Son of man, take a harsh edge of a dagger and use it as a barber's edge, and let it go over thy forehead and over thy chin; and take a balance to separate the coat by weighing.

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