Both the chin and the mental region are the area of the face below the lower lip, including the mandibular prominence. In Middle English chyn, in Old English cin or ?inn ("chin"), in Proto-Germanic *kinnuz ("chin"), in Proto-Indo-European *?énus ("chin, jaw"). A chin definition:

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Both the chin and the brain area are the area of the face below the lower lips, which includes the lower jaw protuberance. 3 ] Similar to any kind and its developing properties, the hominid has developed in such a way that the chin's property has been favoured by spontaneous harvest. It is obvious the differences to the contemporary man head and the Neandethal eras man head, because the contemporary man has a point on the chin, while the Neandethal eras man does not.

" New research by Holton shows that the development of this singular property is not the result of mechanic powers such as mastication, but perhaps the result of evolving adjustments of face sizes and shapes. The Holton claimed that this evolutional adjustment took place when our face became smaller than that of the people of the Neyandethal age. The present-day man's mind is about 15% beyond .

By changing the chin height, the chin became a facial balancing element. All in all, man is one of a kind in the meaning that he is the only hominid with a chin. The Enduring Mystery of the Chin is a novel in which evolved manropologists, James Pampush and David Daegling explore various theory that has been developed to resolve the mystery of the chin.

Their conclusion is that "each of the suggestions we have debated comes to a standstill, either in empirical or theoretical terms; some are failing to some extent on both sides.... This should motivate and not discourage scientists to further investigate this contemporary peculiarities of humanity.... perhaps a chin comprehension will provide an unanticipated glimpse of what it means to be man.

" In the near futures, the debate about various theory that are continually forming may unravel the reality of the origin of the chin as if it had a chin. Skip up ^ "Full Definiton of chin". It'?s man's body. 23: 43-52; Lebow, M.R.; Sawin, P.B. "Heredity of traits: a family tree with face length, protruding eyes and chin gap".

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