Chiang mai to Yangon Overland

May Chiang to Yangon Overland

Are you worried about going to Myanmar, you're going overland? Flying Yangon to Chiang Mai from Thailand from 4243.99

Chang-mai is the kind of place that you go to for a few extra nights and a few years later abandon. From Yangon to Chiang Mai can be long or long. A 90-minute flight. Adventurous travellers can enjoy the wonderful countryside on a longer overland tour, meet the locals and gain insights into daily work.

When you are planning to remain longer than 30 nights, you can request a 60-day touristic entry permit from the Thai consulate in your or one of the neighboring states. The Royal Thai Ambassadorship in Yangon also exists. There is a ferry service between the two Bangkok Airways towns if you want to go directly to Chiang Mai.

He leaves Yangon at 1.10 pm and arrivals in Chiang Mai at 3.05 pm. Ticket prices begin at MMK230,000/USD170 and can be purchased from Bangkok Airways. Also Myanmar National Airlines have a two weekly services on Monday and Friday, starting at 4.55pm and arrival at 6.25pm. Ticket from MMK150,000/USD100.

There are more than 15 daily connections to Bangkok for more than two dozen direct services to Chiang Mai. The price starts at MMK100,000/USD75 for the whole trip. The trip takes between 4 and 8 hrs, according to the time of the Bangkok connections.

There are three overland trails from Yangon to Chiang Mai if you value adventures more than just pace and effectiveness. After all, a large part of the land is still inaccessible to foreign nationals who want to cross it. Tachilek is a small Myanmar frontier city with its pendant Mae Sai on the Thai side of the frontier.

Theoretically, you can reach Tachileik by land: from Yangon to Inle Lake and from Inle Lake to Tachileik via Kengtung. A simpler way is to take a plane from Yangon to Tachileik or Kengtung, from where you can take a mini van to Tachileik to drive about 150 km to the frontier.

Most of the Yangon to Keng Tung or Tachileik connections include Heho or Mandalay. Myanmar Golden Airlines fly every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 7.00 am and arrive at 10.45 am. Ticket from MMK220,000/USD160. Burma National Airlines offers airline travel at the same price every Thursday at 14:45 and every Saturday (10:00-13:40) - MMK212.000/USD155.

Usually Yangon Airways flies directly and departs at 11 am every day, but this carrier has no on-line reservation option. You can only buy your ticket through Yangon based agencies with a minimum fare of MMK180,000/USD130. There is relatively no hassle at the Thai checkpoint, but it does not close at 6 pm.

On the other side of the boarder you will find yourself in the small city of Mae Sai. When you are at the limit at the time of closing, it is better to stay the whole day on the Thai side, although Tachileik also offers some accommodation, but often at slightly higher prices.

You can take the Green Coach from Mae Sai directly to Chiang Mai. It' only a 4 hour drive. Costs are TB400/USD12. You can buy your ticket at the small coach station in Mae Sai or on line. Avoiding Myanmar's expensive and complex timetables, you can make the whole trip from Yangon to Chiang Mai overland at the Myawaddy-Mae Sot checkpoint.

Coming from Yangon, take the coach to the frontier city of Maywaddy. Ticket prices are MMK12.000/USD9 and can be bought at the Yangon Highway Railway Station. After crossing the boarder you reach the Thai city of Mae Sot. There is a tuk-tuk to the ticket booth - it costs about THB100/USD3 From there you can take a local coach to Chiang Mai.

There are several connections a day, the first leaves at 6.15am and the second at 10.00am - you should be able to take the second coach if you take the straight line coach from Yangon to Myawaddy and crossing the frontier without any delays. Coach ticket costs $12/THB400 and can be purchased on-line.

The 90-minute, 70 km long trip will cost THB90/USD3 from Tak there are frequent busses to take you to Chiang Mai. Another alternative for the country trip from Yangon to Chiang Mai and perhaps the most interesting is the trip through Dawei and the entry to Thailand at the Htee Kee-Phu Nam Ron checkpoint.

You will have the chance to see a beautiful landscape and enjoy a days or two in the scenic city of Dawei. There' s a Yangon V.I.P. overnight coach that leaves at 2 pm and leaves for Dawei at 5 am. The ticket costs MMK20,500USD15 and can be bought at the Yangon tourist office or directly at the High Way coach station.

There' s a ferry that leaves Yangon at 6.25 pm and arrives in Dawei the next morning at 7 pm. Ticket prices from MMK16.300/USD12 for a place up to 26.000MMK? It will take 24hrs and you will be travelling through parts of Myanmar that have only recently been opened to the public.

The ticket prices begin at MMK146,000/USD110. The KBZ has a flight on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from midday and arrives at 1.10 pm. The ticket costs MMK113,000/USD85. This city is full of interesting architectural features. If you have had enough of it, the Thai frontier is about 5h.

You' ll have to take a mini van from the small Dawei coach terminal, not from the bigger one outside the city. Please ask the mini van drivers to take you to the Thai frontier - sometimes they calculate MMK3,500/USD3 but it is definitely profitable to buy additional, as the two frontiers are divided by 4 km of infertile" no mans" country.

There are three ways to finish your trip to Chiang Mai from Bangkok. The price for a ticket starting at THB450/USD14 is approx. 12h. When you are a railway freak, drive directly to Hua Lamphong railway and take a sleeping car to Chiang Mai.

This trip lasts 12 hrs and costs from THB600/USD18 (Sleeper Fan). There are also cheap airfares from any of the two Bangkok airfields to Chiang Mai, with the best offers from low-cost carriers located in Don Mueang. At all times of the night there are a lot of flight and advance booking ticket from THB800/USD24.

Chiang Mai is one of the most interesting and relaxing cultural towns in Thailand. The Chiang Mai offers a great selection of accommodations for every budget. The city has great transportation links to most parts of Thailand and Southeast Asia.

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