Chiang mai to Yangon Bus

May Chiang to Yangon Bus

I' ll take the bus from Yangon to Chiangmai. Yangon travel time, direction of travel with timings & rates.

to Yangon with the plane ride from Yangon to Chiang Mai from there. The plane is operated by Thomas 4414.34

Yangon, Myanmar's fast growing and biggest town, should not be overlooked when visiting the state. The trip from Chiang Mai to Yangon can only take a few hour if you fly directly, or up to 3 day if you choose to go over land, which includes a mix of busses and/or busses and coaches.

Please be aware that you must apply for a Myanmar entry permit before entering Myanmar. Present your cover and your pass at the entry checkpoint and you will receive a 28-day touristic visas at a price of USD 50. Flying is the most immediate way to travel from Chiang Mai to Yangon.

And Bangkok Airways has a 11 o'clock Chiang Mai service. 40 o'clock in the morning and arrival in Yangon at 12 o'clock. Presale ticket prices start at THB4,000/USD120. Burma International Airlines also have a 7 pm Monday, Thursday and Saturday service. 45 o'clock and arrival at 20 o'clock. The duration of both trips is about one hours and 30 min.

Favourable flights are a shuttle from Bangkok Don Mueang Aiport. You can win 2,380THB and more if you buy well in advance. To win, click here. There are many possibilities that take less than 6 hrs in all, but the overall journey takes between 4 and 11h.

There are three ways to get from Chiang Mai to Yangon by road. Although the nearest Bangkok-Myanmar Mar Mae Sai-Tachileik checkpoint is, there will be a brief trip within Myanmar, as a certain part of the territory will remain restricted to foreigners for long-distance missions. It is the only landmass boundary that will require a trip, and although Myanmar is not inexpensive anywhere, it is not a budgetary avenue.

In order to get to Tachileik you have to drive to the northerly frontier city Mae Sai. Coaches to Mae Sai leave from Chiang Mai Arcade Bus Station and are run by Green Bus. The coaches are convenient and generally dependable. It will take about 4-5hrs. Costs for a Luxurious Bus Trip include THB 400/USD 12.

There will be V.I.P. coaches at 8:09. 30:12. 30:14 and 15:30. We also have extra V.I.P. busses that leave on Monday at 5.15 a.m. and 4 a.m. 3 pm plus a Friday and Sunday Vip-Bus at 4.30 pm and a normal bus on Friday and Sunday at 5 pm. From Mae Sai checkpoint it is 6pm - so get there before, otherwise you will have to stay overnight in Mae Sai - that's no prob.

It' a lovely little frontier village and you can find guest houses from THB200/USD6 per day. As soon as you step into Myanmar, you are in the Tachileik area. In Tachileik you have to either take a direct flight to Yangon or take a bus to Kengtung and from Kengtung to Yangon, as the stretch of land between these two cities and Yangon will remain restricted for foreigners.

The majority of our services are operated in Heho or Mandalay. Golden Myanmar Airlines departs Tachileik on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday at 2.30 pm and arrives at 6.25 pm (MMK200,000/USD150). Burma National Airlines have departures at 3.30 pm on Tuesday and arrivals at 5.55 pm (MMK200,000/USD150) plus arrivals on Thursday at 2.30 pm at 5.15 pm and on Saturday at 2.05 pm at 6.45 pm (same price).

Yadanarpon Airlines will be flying on Saturday at 2.05 pm, arrival at 6.45 pm and on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 4.35 pm, arrival at 7.55 pm; on Sunday at 5.35 pm, arrival at 8.25 pm. Ticket prices are a bit higher at MMK230,000/USD170. Hint When you book a flight in Myanmar Skyscanner will not be your boyfriend.

The best way is to inquire directly with the carriers or the respective aggregators' web sites, as many airfares are not included on the tariff aggregators' web sites. Tachileik -Yangon with Yangon Airways. They can buy air ticket for this carrier only within Myanmar. Departures are Monday, Thursday Saturday at 14.30, arrival at 17.55, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 14.35, arrival at 18.35.

Admission fees in the MMK205,000/USD150 area. In order to prevent flights and overland journeys to Yangon, you need to plan two or three nights for the trip and be ready to jump from one bus to another, but be sure that you will be awarded with a very nice itinerary.

You can take a bus from Chiang Mai Arcade Bus Station to Mae Sot, where you are crossing the Myanmar-Borders. It will take about 6h. Extra coaches are available on Friday and Sunday at 1.30 pm. The ticket costs under THB200/USD6 and the busses leave at 12:00 and 17:45, with extra service on Friday and Sunday at 13:30 and 14:45.

There' s also an overnight courier that leaves at 6.30 a.m. every day, ticket costs $18. In Mae Sot, the frontier is easy to reach on feet or by tuk-tuk. Boundary will close at 6:00 p.m. Hint: If you are arriving at this hour and need to select where to sleep - on the Thai side or the Myanmar side - remain in Mae Sot as it provides a greater choice of accommodations at better rates.

The city of Maywaddy is on the other side of the frontier. You can take the bus from Maywaddy to Yangon. Unfortunately there is only one bus per bus per night, which leaves at 9.30 am and arrives at 10 pm. Ticket prices are MMK13,000/USD10 and do not have to be booked in time.

When you have skipped the only bus directly to Yangon, take a bus or bus to Hpa-An, Thaton or Mawlamyine. There are better links to Yangon from all three cities and you have no problems taking a coach from there. You can take a train ride to Yangon for a break with Thaton and Mawlamyine on the line.

There' s another long-distance trail to Yangon, which is by far the most exciting and exciting in terms of scenery - and entails considerable diversions from the most straightforward of roads, as you have to get out of the way a little. First you have to go to Bangkok. Over two dozen departures a day from Chiang Mai to Bangkok at fares beginning at THB800/USD24.

More than 20 busses are also available, with luxury accommodation coaches. In this case the journey takes 10 hrs and the ticket costs from 450THB. Chiang Mai busses are arriving at the Morchit Bus Terminal in Bangkok. There is also a 5h45, 8h50, 16h, 17h30 and 21h from Chiang Mai to Bangkok.

Travel will take about 12 hrs and sleeping car passes start at TB600/USD18. Coming from Bangkok you have to take a minibus to Kanchanaburi. You leave from the bus terminal Morchit and pay a fee of THB 150/USD 4.5. Kanchanaburi is a 2 hour 30 minute drive, according to Bangkok city. From Kanchanaburi bus terminal, go to counter B 1 and take another minibus to the Phu Nam Ron to Htee Kee in Myanmar-B2.

30 o'clock, 14 o'clock, 16 o'clock, 20 o'clock, 17 o'clock and 18 o'clock. As soon as you have reached the limit, you have to arrange transportation across the limit and then to the city of Dawei in Myanmar. On the Thai side of the Thai frontier you will find a number of mini-vans and cabs - and you need a transportation, because between the Thai and the Myanmarian frontier there is a 4 km long, sparse piece of country.

Costs depend on the rider's timing and temper. That line is secure and - well - a true advent. You can also take a bus from Htee Kee to Dawei. It lasts about 5h and costs MMK25,000/USD18. Notice: There is one very important thing to know about this limit.

If you need a Myanmar diplomatic or immigration visas, you will not be allowed to enter Myanmar. It' s amazingly simple to get a visas at the Myanmar Consulate in Chiang Mai or Bangkok. It is a very relaxed place to take a rest before continuing to Yangon.

You can either take a bus or rail from Dawei or take a flight to Yangon. From Dawei to Yangon, the bus runs 18 hrs every day at 3 pm. The ticket costs MMK15,000/USD11. Dawei-Yangon is a long trip through a part of Myanmar recently opened to the public.

That'?s a nice trip, but it'?s 24h. The price for the base seat is MMK16,000/USD12 and the top threshold of the first grade MMK42,000/USD30. From Dawei airport you can also take a flight to Yangon. The Myanmar National Airlines offers departures at 3.25 pm and arrivals at 4.22 pm every day, MMK143,000110-price. The flight leaves every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 5.25 pm and arrives at 6.35 pm, MMK113,000/USD85 ticket price.

You will find a vibrant and welcoming town when you reach Yangon. The Yangon has changed in recent years and provides accommodations for every budget. It has a very good traffic structure that leads to other parts of Myanmar and beyond.

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