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There's no point flying to Vietnam, another long bus ride from there. You want to fly from Vietnam to Yangon and then take the bus to Bagan. Search for advice for cheap travel to/through Myanmar. You only need either a flight ticket or a bus ticket from Chiang Mai.

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I will come from Chiang Mai and want to travel by road to Myanmar and remain in Bagan. Do you have a bus I can take from Chiang Mai to Myanmar? Get on the bus to Mae Sot, go across the viaduct to Myawaddy and you are in Myanmar.

From Chang Mai there is no immediate entrance to the city. Area between Chang Mai and the city of Digan is excluded from the foreigners' exhibition. Here is my best tip for your trip to the city of Bangan; take a flight from Chang Mai to Mandalay with cheap connections. When you land at Mandalay International Aerodrome take a bus to Myin Gyan to Bangan for 4 hours.

Considering taking an alternate path, take the Vietnam flight to Yangon then bus to Bagan. You can either travel from CM to Mandalay or across the Mai Sai frontier and then from Kentung to Mandalay. The journey via Mae Sot takes 2 day by bus to Bagan. There' s no point going to Vietnam, another long bus trip from there.

You want to go from Vietnam to Yangon and then by bus to Bagan. The Chang Mai-Mandalay is a small area and costs less than Viet Yangon. Chang Mai-Mandalay - 1.5 hours more or less, 4 hours ride to Bagan. Viet Yangon - 2 hours and more, 9 hours driving to Bagan.

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With my family and my family ( (9 & 11) we will go from Laos to Chiang Mai and then from Chiang Mai to Mandelay or Old Bagan. I' ve looked at all the planes and they're so fancy. Can I cross the frontier and is the journey from Chiang Mai to e.g. Old Bagan too long?

They have a few possibilities, shut down at Mae Sai/Tachileik and then go to Mandalay. Or, drive via Mae Sot, but as you will see, this is a long way to Mandelay or Old bagan. So how much time do you have for Myanmar? Christmas and New Year, better before September to reserve flight and hotel reservations for CM, Mandalay and Bangan.

From Chiang Mai to Mandalay is pricey, Chiang Mai to Yangon can be less pricey. However, DMK to Yangon or Mandalay with a low fare carrier is quite inexpensive; like $50 or less. Christmas will be more costly, so make your reservation early. Any point that flies to Yangon if you want to go to Mandalay or Bagan, you still need and it's about $100 each and every one, probably better off going to Tachileik and fly.

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