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The Cherry Oo Watch Gallery has added a new photo - in the Skywalk Shopping Mall. A chain shop (watches) and a trading shop for watches and clocks. Cherry Oo's watch case. No judgment in it. Mobile inspector investigating a wristwatch seized by Cherry Oo.

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Cheery Oo

The Cherry Oo was founded in 1976 by Huji U Wenning. In 1994, the company was founded as THE OO Company Ltd. and Cherry Oo became a member of the group. The Cherry Oo Watch showrooms as well as the NINGING FAMILY CHERRYOOO OO Company Ltd. are managed by the Board of Directors. Board of Directors consists of U Kyaw Naing Oo (Executive Patron), U Jaw Naing Oo (Chairman), U Thet Naing Oo (Vice Chairman) and Daw Lei Ye Win Chief Operating Officer The Board of Directors has defined the goals and long-term intentions of both Cherry Oo and Naring Family CHERRYOO OO Company Ltd.

Cherry Oo watch case not a verdict

The Cherry Oo case, despite a four-month process, did not result in a verdict, say source. In September 2014, Cherry Oo was importing 937 timepieces, 800 of which, according to the illicit retail inspection teams, were not marked with the manufacturing state. 10 and a half years later, the firm was importing a further 2,500 unlabelled timepieces and the custom authorities initiated an inquest.

Taxation Division has presented a draft proposal to the Ministry of Finance Corporate Commission on Illicit Trades Inspection. Results have not been made public, said Tun Thein, general manager of the Zollabteilung. Cherry Oo twice over 3,000 clocks illicitly import. Ministry of the Interior also endorsed the inquiry as an official of the Ministry's duty division unlawfully permitted Cherry Oo to retrieve the clocks for 40 US dollars each.

Tun Thein says Cherry Oo was paying taxes to buy the Clocks.

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