Cheetoh is a new breed of cats known for its great energy and curiosity. Cheetoh is a product of Ocicat and Bengal cats. Cheetoh has the characteristic collective of the albei breed for which it is known. Cheetoh cat description & photos. The Cheetoh was created by crossing Bengal and Ocicat.

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Bengals are a housecat race designed to look like tropical jungles such as lizards, margareds, ocelots and cloudy lizards. Bengali have been created by selectively bred household pets bred with Asiatic Lepard ALC, Prionailurus bangalensis and household pets with the aim of producing a self-confident, wholesome and welcoming pussycat with a very contrasting and lively fur.

Bay felines are usually bigger than the normal domestic feline. International Catholic Association recognises various Bengali colors (brown, sealing dot, mint, sequoia, silver) and designs (spotted and marbled) for competitions and exhibitions. The characteristics of these smart, nosy females bear a remarkable similarity to those of canines. Cheetoh is an outstanding pet that loves to be in the presence of people all the time.

They are reliable, convivial, friendly and devoted and are suitable for kids, pets and other males. Males are not antagonistic at all and show motherly affinity to both kitten and kitten. Those attention-seeking females don't like to be alone, so always keep them alone or take another animal into your home to entertain them.

Is a Cheetoh cat?

A number of very rare cats, some of which are new to the breed, one of which is the Cheetoh. The Cheetoh was created in the United States by meticulous and selected cultivation of Ocicats and Bengal by a woman named Carol Drymon in 2001.

Their efforts resulted in a feline that looked like a small cheetah or leopard. Proud, stylish, distant and amazingly sociable, the Cheetoh is a delight when one of these females seldom shows aggression towards someone. In contrast to other races, male animals often show a true motherly side to their nature when they are near younger females and mothers.

They' re even temperate, soft, dependable and trusted and are so curious by character that Cheetoh likes to be part of everything. While they get along with them, be careful when a Cheetoh is near smaller and domestic animal, as they have a high predatory instinct.

They' re long in the torso and deep in the shoulders, which gives them their fierce look when they leave. Everyone who wants to rent a house with a Cheetoh must report their interest to a grower and may have difficulty to find one. You would also have to approve a waitlist, as so few well-bred kitties are raised every year.

Another thing to keep in mind is that because Cheetoh kitties are so uncommon, they tend to be quite a tad more expensive to buy, but with this the fact they are so adorable and glorious looking, the waiting time and the prize is well worth it.

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