Cheapest way to get to Myanmar

The cheapest way to Myanmar

Here you will find prices for Thai Airways, Etihad Airways, China Southern, Air China and more. How can I fly from London to Myanmar (Burma)? X. Traveling by bus is the easiest and cheapest way to explore Myanmar. Learn more about Myanmar, when to go, what to do and much more - Yangon.

Myanmar travel depends on the type of traveler.

Myanmar: The best way to get to Myanmar

It is best to either go to Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur, as these are Air Asia's two turnstiles. And Bangkok is one of the least expensive cities in Europe (sometimes also KL). In case you do not have a preferential status, I suggest Bangkok, it is simpler than KL, but both are freely accessible (no visas fee).

Whenever I fly to Asia, I like to stay in Bangkok for a whole week or two, because another Air Asia trip after my big one is just too exhausting. When you go directly, I suggest you do something like Chris suggested above with Emirates, though that's probably more costly.

When you can get out before December 15, which is about the lock for getting the cards at a good rate, in January it is around January 5-7 rates go down again. Failing this, you should probably buy your ticket 2-3 month in advance. 2.

The best way from Bali to Myanmar? - Yamamasa Message Board

The best way from Bali to Myanmar? Hello everyone, I wonder what would be the best way from Bali (Denpasar) to Myanmar (somewhere, but probably Yangon)? Plane? The best way from Bali to Myanmar? Except you have a long way to go, as Bali is quite a long way away if you want to go by boat or canoe.

Flying to DMK with one of our airasias and then a low cost trip to Yangon or Mandalay with one of our Noks. The best way from Bali to Myanmar? So Bali is an isle. Take an airplane from Bali to Kuala Lumpur, then transfer to Yangon. In general, the fares of AAE are extremely reasonable.

The best way from Bali to Myanmar? Arrange with Martin above - Air Asia from Denpasar to Kuala Lumpur, then Air Asia to Yangon. The best way from Bali to Myanmar? The best way from Bali to Myanmar? I' d go to Bangkok, then you have many possibilities to travel to Yangon, Mandalay or go over the country boundary in Thailand, the closest Post Office is near Kanchanaburi, which is about 2-3 hrs by Bur/Train from Bangkok.

The best way from Bali to Myanmar? After reviewing air fares via KL, it appears to be a less expensive alternative than via Bangkok. The best way from Bali to Myanmar? The best way from Bali to Myanmar? The probably best way would be to bring Airasia via KL to Yangon, as there are some great deals if you make your booking early.

The best way from Mali to Myanmar? You can choose to travel with MAI or Malaysia Airline if you think the risk of traveling in Air Asia is high. I recently overheard a crash landings from Air Asia's Perth to Lake Bali. Ha! The best way from Bahia to Myanmar? there are more routes between Bahia and Kuala Kumpur, I think.

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