Cheapest way to get to Myanmar

The cheapest way to Myanmar

Cheap flights from London Heathrow to Myanmar. Bus travel is the easiest and cheapest way to explore Myanmar. Buses are also the only way to reach certain areas without cars. Brethren - Myanmar is definitely not the cheapest place to go, so we were blown away when we stumbled across these rates. Search for cheap flights to Myanmar.

What is the cheapest way to get to Myanmar?

I have just returned from a journey to Myanmar (April 2013) and I can tell that the accomodation for the Joe traveler is almost unaffordable. That kind you wouldn't be spending more than $25 in any other part of Southeast Asia. Apart from accomodation, the journey can also be a little overpriced.

There is a fare between $50-100, according to your travel time. Recently, a new low-cost carrier named Myanmar Gold was established. It also has a fare of about $45 from Yangon to Mandalay. Apart from this meal, taxis and other conveniences are quite inexpensive. Maybe because of the price of tourists in smaller diners.

I' ve just returned from a journey to Myanmar in June. All in all, the travelling costs are not so high. With the night coach for 4 nights to reduce your costs. It can be more convenient for your lodging if you have someone to split it with. In Yangoon in particular, most properties are too much money, but I find a budget guesthouse for $10/night.

Eating is inexpensive, but I only take select foods from diners or clean grocery stores. By the way, it is less costly to go to small towns than to visit large ones. Yangoon is already 2000-4000MMK for a cab ride in Yangoon Town, while Moulmein is only 1000MMK. And I found it unexpectedly costly in comparison to other Southeast Asian states.

It is not that it is much more costly, it is just that I expected lower rates in comparison to the better off neighboring states. Burma has the smallest GDP/head index in Southeast Asia[1], but housing, transportation and meals are not necessarily lower than in Indonesia, Thailand, Laos and the like.

The accomodation at the lower end / backpackers style[June 2012] was on 8$/night (6-11$) on avarage for a double room with ventilator - for the same rate you can get much better rooms in other states. MMK 10-15k (Myanmar Kyat) (12-20$) for a night coach (8-11h). From February 15, 2013 to March 5, 2013, my husband and I travelled 19 nights in Myanmar/Burma.

Although the 2010 Lonely Planet SE Asia price for a shooting volume was quoted 4 to 7 times, we could only pay $1286.88 or $67.73/day. These include departures from San Francisco to Yangon and from Mandalay to Bangkok (although..... the SF to Yangon plane on kilometers :-)). Most of what we paid for a motel was $40 in Yangon because our plane arrived in a middle of the night and our initial motel cancelled our booking.

For only $16 we remained in a privately owned room with en-suite bathroom but no air conditioning. In general, we found that in Myanmar you don't get what you paid for, as Alex Popescu said. My travel plan was for Nov. 2011 and I had to call off due to problems with my visas.

The journey was postponed to Christmas 2012. Meanwhile, as US adoption has increased, so too have the price of hotels. One year ago, a really lovely place cost $75, now it's $250. I' m working with a Korean travelling agent in Yangon who maintains various relations that have kept prizes at bay.

Of all Southeast Asia countries, Myanmar is the best place to go as a tourism attraction, considering the costs involved. Myanmar has many touristic sites for international travel.

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