Cheapest way to get to Burma

The cheapest way to Burma

Brethren - Myanmar is definitely not the cheapest place to go, so we were blown away when we stumbled across these rates. Guide-leaders on quality local buses and enjoy additional activities along the way. Receive cheap flights from Bangkok, Thailand to Yangon, Myanmar, promotional fares now on Skyscanner Philippines! Reservations: How can I make a reservation? Getting to Myanmar (Burma) can still be extremely difficult, and if you're not willing to pay a lot for a flight, it's time consuming.

What is cheaper & what not?

Burma is formally the most rapidly expanding tourist sector in the word. Myanmar had 300,000 visitors in 2007. In this year, the state is getting ready to welcome more than 5 million people. This is a notable leap in such a brief period of darkness - and one that is already transforming the way the land presents itself to the people.

South-East Asia is a traditional, very accessible tourist resort, and Myanmar still comes under the budgetary bracket in comparison to many other tourist resorts. However, on a recent journey I found some surprise between what is inexpensive and what is not for the area in the state. And all keg potions in the whole nation are about 60c.

Coaches are by far the cheapest but also the most time-consuming way to travel around the world. A one-way one-way pass for the eight to ten hour night drive between Yangon and Inle Lake is available for $20-$30. Don't assume that in Myanmar, especially in the touristic centres of Yangon, Inle Lake, Mandalay and Bagan, you will find a low-cost AirAsia airline.

With Golden Myanmar, the lowest fare carrier in the world, a two-hour 15-minute internal trip from Heho (Inle Lake) to Yangon can cost $86 each way. By way of illustration, an intercontinental trip about half an hours longer from Yangon to Bangkok costs $42: Burma is no fool when it comes to differentiating which places visitors want to see, especially the buddhistic shrines. No. Myanmar is no fool.

For example, in Yangon, entry to the Shwedagon Pagoda is $8, while the fee for Bagan is now $15 (compared to $10 in 2013). In fairness, this is the case in many other parts of Southeast Asia - and we still think that the sights and their beauties are still there.

Similarly, budgets will be amazed that Myanmar is not really as affordable as the remainder of Southeast Asia in terms of accommodation and hotel rates. Middle class central Yangon resorts are approaching, if no more than $100 per overnight stay, and hostel or guesthouse accommodation is nearer to $40 if you are looking for comforts such as A/C.

This is about twice as much as other touristic places in the area as Hanoi. will be impeccably manoeuvrable for most travellers -- and most attendees concur that the sumptuous scenery, exquisite meals and seeing a land in transit makes for a great experi[ Read

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