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View the best deals from hotels in Hpa An and Mawlamyine! The Galaxy Motel Hpa-An offers a comfortable environment in Mawlamyaing. cheap Mawlamyine hostels & cheap hotels. Reserve a hotel in Mawlamyine online and save money. Mawlamyine, Than Lwin Seesar Motel offers air-conditioned rooms with free WiFi.

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Inexpensive place is The Brooklyn Avenue. I don't see the point for two persons to sleep in dormitories if you get a person who is usually less expensive, unless you don't want to part. Cinderalla does, but it's about $12 a bunk.

about the breeze being the best place in the city. I' m thinking $15 for a sleeping hall berth is way over the top.

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Our hotels are designed to reflect Myanmar's tradition. Twenty-three rooms are fully equipped with contemporary woodwork, Myanmar's art and crafts. Because we offer the best services, our hotels have warm and cool water, 24 hours of power and much more. We' ve got a free Wi-Fi link so you can get the latest updates and enjoy the core of Myanmar's rich history and traditions in one easy click.

Also, the best thing is to eat your own breakfasts in our hotels, so don't miss the chance to get such a good one.

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