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Find the best deals on Thingyan Water Festival, Burma Hotels. It is an inexpensive hotel in the small alley behind Shangrila. On-line Burma Camp accommodation, hotels, with great savings. Accommodation in and around Burma Camp Center. In the past, even small hotels that were cheap hotels are quite expensive.

Top 5 picks for your choice of Burma hotels for families

It is part of our familymonth, during which we explore all the great opportunities for families in our tourist destination. You will find more information on our special website for families. Selecting the right lodging is the simplest way to spoil a vacation, and if you are traveling with kids, the risk is even greater.

A grown-up traveler might be willing to accept a certain amount of inferior sanitation, eating and services for a day or two until he finds a better accommodation - but the parent has to consider the security of their child. Polluted or poorly cared for hotels then become more than an annoyance, they become inconvenient.

However, the right lodging has the power to make a good vacation amazing - and fortunately Burma has many great hotels for those who know what they are looking for. However, the higher the level of the property, the more likely it is that you will find better packages for families: liaison rooms, multi-room suite and large four-bed rooms.

But it does mean that it may be worth injecting out a little more on accomodation if you can extend to it. However, if you travel on a smaller package, don't worry. Some good temperate hotels can host homes, they are only more difficult to find and need more research.

Although only a few rooms have a connection, many can put an additional room in a twin room or provide two neighbouring rooms on demand. In Burma, kids under the age of five are sleeping in their parents' bunks, so mid-range hotels do not provide single berth for babies. In upscale hotels you should always ask for a crib when making your reservation, as these can only have one or two for the entire city.

When there are no cribs available, many hotels allow small kids to sleep with another one. Select hotels near the centre of the citycenter. Suburban real estate can be less expensive or have a nice environment, but there is a great compromise in comfort.

If you stay in the city center, you don't need to take a cab or shuttles to the city, but can simply return to the motel all days to make up for lost time with sight-seeing, and it means you don't have to carry around a large pouch of provisions all the time.

There is a must for the family in Burma's steaming, warm climate while you take some relaxing moments. There is nothing more difficult than to book a motel with a private beach and find out on your return that it is not open to the under-12s. You should always make sure in your room that your hotelpool is available for family use, that there is a flat area and that rescue swimmers are on-call.

It is also useful to find out in which hotels there are children's nightclubs or activites and if there is a babysitter if you want to go out for an adult outing. After all, if you really want to make sure you get the best quality home for your budget in Burma, you should book your vacation with Inside Burma Tours.

We' ve been to all the hotels we have recommended, so you can be sure that nothing is fortuitous! You can find more information about how to plan a vacation in Burma or one of our other Asian travel sites on our special website for families - full of hints and tales from our employees and clients.

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