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" Great place, but avoid the cheapest rooms" Backpacker Hostel Yangon. You can compare the cheapest rates online, here (FREE). One time in Yangon Hostel, Yangon (Rangoon) on TripAdvisor: The Four Rivers Youth Hostel offers excellent value for money. It' a quiet but convivial place, in a good location in Yangon.

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Best-Yangon hostels - shows all hostels in Yangon. Make a reservation at a cheap Yangon Youth hostel and don't charge any reservation fee. Yangon Hostels has a great choice of hostels in all important areas of Yangon - city centre Yangon hostels, Yangon hostels & Yangon airports hostels. There are 30 hostels in Yangon with an 84% review on the basis of 9 reviews. All hostels have an excellent reputation.

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