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Inexpensive Burma Holidays with cheap flights and Burma Tours. Would you like to book a holiday in Myanmar? Myanmar: a breathtaking country with dazzling pagodas and simple, traditional delights. Fewer organized tours more free time slightly cheaper, but excellent accommodation. Burma, formerly known as Burma, has always been a spiritual place.

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Do you need help or counseling, or just want to talk about your next journey, just give us a call. Avoid £200 on your journey to Myanmar in October 2018. Discover Myanmar in amazing diversity and profundity! Photo tours through Burma: Do you need help or counseling or just want to talk about your next journey, just give us a call.

Dare further and further into an unexplored Myanmar. Anything can be set and gives you the flexibility to create a one-of-a-kind and personalized journey for your desired date. Improve your accommodations for all - or just part of your journey, decelerate the speed with a few additional overnight stays here and there or even throw in a few more exciting adventure.

Extensive sightseeing tours to Burma's best places and handicrafts. A short guide to Burma's best places of interest. Burma's high points as well as the departure from the well-trodden paths.

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That is Bagan, the former capitol of an antique kingdom that now stretches from afar. lnle lake: Up in the Burmese mountain, one of the most beautiful waters in the whole country. There are also swimming towns and market places that have been constructed on the waters themselves - the local people steer small vessels between them, row with one foot while they stand on the other, so that they can see the thick, swimming flora and cane.

In order to round it all off, quiet convents are spread along the banks of Lake Inle, which create a tranquil and spiritually tranquil area. Journey on one of our Myanmar holidays to experience this unique place up-close. Yangon (formerly Rangoon) is home to one of the most spectacular sights in the world, which can be seen from all sides.

The holiest Buddhist in Myanmar, this miraculous texture is a must on any trip to Myanmar.

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