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It' definitely a Myanmar Budget tour and we firmly believe it is the cheapest tour in Myanmar you can get. Guided tours for small groups Aarhus and TransIndus In addition to our tailor-made tours, TransIndus provides a program of small group tours to a steadily expanding selection of Asia travel locations. Flexible: On a TransIndus group trip you are never required to participate in the scheduled trips or daily activity and can go on your own at your own speed or just relax at the lazy spot in the city.

We have a max. group of 16 people, which means you never have to be in one of the large groups standing behind a leader flying a banner! Competent language guides: We hire skilled, educated English-speaking leaders to lead our groups through historical places, museum and memorials. We know from our own experiences what a good dinner is for a whole days and we try to offer our groups a high standard of cook.

The cost of the trip includes breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

South Burma and the Andaman Sea | Adventure Tours in Myanmar (Burma)

Whilst most first-time travelers to the much-noticed sites of Mandalay, Bagan and Lake Inle just off Yangon, a completely different and less frequented globe is waiting for them. We will explore not only the heritage of Hpa An and Mawlamyaing, but also the country charm of Bilu Island and the thought-provoking WWII graveyard in Thanbyuzayat on this dramatic trip that takes us from Burma's capitol to its southernmost tip.

Especially on our way to the Andaman Sea on our way to the secluded southern city of Myeik, we rent our own yacht for a 5-day trip through some of the impressive 800 archipelagoes. Here, in the midst of the declining sea gypsies - a race of marine hunters and gathering men who have made this area their home in the last 4000 years - we will blend into the isolation fishermen's community who live in this area of Burma, which until recently was almost impassable to obtain the necessary permissions.

Not only will it be a great opportunity to unwind in the hot South East Asian seas, it will also attract those who like their adventure a little more unwritten. ANY OF OUR SMALL GROUP TRAVELS HAVE NO HIDDEN EXTRAS OR OBLIGATORY SURCHARGES.

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