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" My travel agency Relish Tours in Yangon booked me at the Reno Hotel on my first trip to Myanmar. Accommodation selection in Yangon, Burma Myanmar. Find accommodation in destinations around Myanmar, for all price ranges. Locate the right hotel in Yangon! Yangon hotel top budget deals.

Top 10 Cheap Hotels in Yangon (Rangoon) from 2018 (with prices)

Traveler RankedHighest rated properties on TripAdvisor, reviewing their travels. Best rated Hotels on TripAdvisor, travelogues basis. Your found cost is 13% lower than the US$30/night mean value of this one. Your found cost is 12% lower than the US$33/night standard room charge. These are provided by our affiliates and are calculated on the basis of our standard overnight accommodation charges, inclusive of tax and charges known to our affiliates and due at the date of reservation.

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Accommodation in Yangon

In spite of everything you can find elsewhere, Yangon has a respectable - and expanding - range of accommodation for the more price-conscious traveler. Bike World offers neat, well-equipped bike rooms with a long feature set at great value and is one of the cheapest guest houses in Yangon (Rangoon).

Soe Soe and Jeff own this guest house and tourist office in one and a bicycle store in the immediate vicinity; the site is not in the city centre, where most..... See our full Bike World Guest House rating. When you hear stories about the madness of Yangon hotels, take a breather and unwind.

It' truely truer that accommodation in Burma (Myanmar) is more expensive than in neighboring nations - we would like to say that you will generally pay twice the price for Thailand for half the standards you expect in Laos. This is not always the case, but it is often the case and Burma and the trading capitol Yangon are both at home.....

See our full report on accommodation in Yangon, Burma. While you may need to take a few steps, Beautyland is a great flash packer Yangon based resort that offers a range of ventilator or climate control rooms, with superior services and rates that are competitively priced for the offered value.

The Beautyland 2 entry, 33nd Street. The Beautyland is a high-rise edifice that fits in with the others in the city centre's consumer electronic sector. See our full rating of Beautyland Hotel II. Although most rooms have no warm waters and no views - or even a window - the Cherry Guest House is one of the most clean guest houses in Yangon (Rangoon) since a recent refurbishment and provides good comforts in a professional managed area.

See our full rating of Cherry Guest House. When you can make it up the sinister, suspicious staircase, you'll find Golden Star Guest House, a new, very tidy guest house in Yangon that features A/C, sat TV, writing desk and comfortable single bed with great services at a value that makes it one of the best deals for your inner cities budget.

See our full Golden Star Guest House rating. Hninn Si Budget Inn is one of the best budgeted hotel in Yangon and should be at the top of the shortlist for any budgeted traveler looking for accommodation that is both cheap and upscale.

See our full report on Hninn Si Budge Inn. Aga Guest House shows that Yangon is becoming more and more backpacker-friendly. Although the sides here may be thin, this neat and cheap connection just west of the city centre achieves internationally accepted levels in a way few other Yangon budgeting alternatives do.

In one of the calmer avenues in the city centre, and..... Please have a look at our full report about the Agga Guest House. The Aung Tha Pyay is a mid-range Yangon (Rangoon) city centre resort with a tranquil, stylish ambience suitable for travelers, families and businesses. See our full rating of Aung Tha Pyay Hotell.

The Myat Tun is not for those looking for luxurious or all the comfort a resort can offer (see grey image below), but for those looking for basic air-conditioned accommodation, a comfortable lodging and a good central Yangon (Rangoon) position with great cityscape.

Rooms with a panoramic look to the town. Please see our full report on Boo Myat Tun Hotel. 256-/276 Maha Bandoola Garden St (34th Street), 256/276 Maha Bandoola Garden St (34th Street), Chan Myaye Guesthouse has a good position in Yangon (Rangoon) in the center of the 34th St in the top bloc of the town. It has a comfortable, tidy and spacious room with free WiFi and breakfasts; this is one of the better in town.

This is one of the better guest houses in town. Have a look at our full rating of the Chan Myaye Guesthouse. Yangon Hotels' rising rates have become infamous in recent month, and while budgets still allow travelers to spend $20 a day if they are willing to forgo many amenities, those who want a little convenience need to pay a little.

When you have the money, the well-situated East Hotel provides very comfy rooms with tastefully furnished at competitively priced rates..... See our full rating of East Hotel. The May Fair Inn is a tranquil place to spend the night near the bustling Yangon (Rangoon) city. Familyportraits and big swollen couches are sitting under energy-saving lamps, as they were raised directly from their grandmother's home and placed in the cloakroom.....

Please have a look at our full report on May Fair Inn. If you come from a cab or a walk, the way to the May Shan is full of suspense and sight. Directly in front of the Sule Pagoda in the Yangon city centre (Rangoon) the entry to the house is less impressive, but takes you to a respectable, comfortable and neat as well.

You are welcome to this place, the first ones are not a porter or a writing table, but..... Please have a look at our full report on the May Shan Hospital. Although not centralized, the Mother Land Inn 2's welcoming personnel and good value for the price make it a good option for those who have a Yangon home base.

The quickest way from the Yangon International Airports to Motherland Inn 2 is around Yangon. See our full evaluation of Motherland Inn 2. While we may not have seen the best the Ocean Pearl Inn has to offer, this is a very cheap option for your dollars with appropriate accommodation, WiFi and A/C, along with a free shuttle service from the Yangon International Center (Rangoon) to Yangon's mainland.

See our full rating of Ocean Pearl Inn. While most would accept that the Royal White Elephant Hotel needs a little refurbishment and its renovation at the moment of the October 2013 visit could make it a little loud, what you get in this accommodation near Inya Lake is a good value for the greenback if you don't want to spend most of your stay in Yangon city.

See our full rating of Royal White Elephant Hotel. DYDSDANDY'S HOME HOTEL in Yangon (Rangoon) has simple, respectable, fairly neat rooms at good rates in the city centre. Get to Dad as soon as you can. Not many backpackers have paid much thought to Daddy's Home Hotel yet.....

See our full rating of Daddy's Home Hotel. The White House Hotel is not the tidiest and cheapest hotel in Yangon (Rangoon) city centre, but it offers a certain charme with a fabulous continental breakfastsuffet. White-House Hotel..... See our full rating of White House Hotel.

One of the lowest priced guesthouses in Yangon (Rangoon) and yet still a delight. Have a look at our full rating of Okinawa Guest House. Please have a look at past editions.

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