Cheap Accommodation in Yangon Myanmar

Budget accommodation in Yangon Myanmar

There are many taxis available for cheap rides throughout the city centre. Yangon Myanmar Mahabandoola accommodation Burma. The Backpacker Bed & Breakfast is a budget accommodation in a Burmese style building in central Yangon, Myanmar. Booking your room in Yangon HERE (Explore the Temples of the Golden Cities). Situated in a quiet residential area in the immediate vicinity of the city centre.

Youth Hostel in Yangon, Myanmar

The Agga Youth Hotel is perfect for recreational and familial travellers and is located near the best restaurants, fun and sights in Yangon. It' only a few minutes walk from the most famous sights such as Sule Pagode, Shwedagon Pagode, Botahtaung Pagode, Scott Markt, City Square and Kolonial Building, Swiss Federal Railway and Porcelain City for nightlife.

It is intended for backpacker and budgets travellers from all over the globe who want to travel in convenience and at a reasonable cost. Well-equipped accommodations, attractive facilities and pleasant service are also ideal for those travelling for small and medium sized companies with convenient connections to the commercial district and a nice rate that makes your holiday as efficient as possible.

We prefer to pay in advance at check-in. Payments should be made upon arriving and if a customer cheques out before the date of confirmation, the remaining amount will not be refunded.

PHOTEL 63 - The best 3 star resort in Yangon.

Located in the Business Districts of Yangon, on the east side of the city centre. It has our own private Sapel Spas (the best Yangon spas categorised as tripadvisor), a retro bar and a reading area. It was inaugurated in 2010. There are over 100 rooms in the following categories: Junior Suites (with kitchen), Deluxe (view of the river), Deluxe (view of the city), Superior (view of the city) and Superior Japanese Style.

"Escape and Access" - Yes, we are in the capital and you can reach any place in a few moments by cab. "Unique " - The hotel's retro bar is the only place in Myanmar where you can find Sri Lanka's kitchen, we are the only hotel that offers a free scalp rub for every room and we are the only hotel in Myanmar with a fish spa.

"Our Pricing and Services" - We work to be the best choices in Yangon in terms of value for money, facilities, products and pricing. We want our clients to get the best for the money they pay during their time in Burma. "Specialities - areas where we thrive" Sri Lanka's meals, 15-minute free scalp massages for each room, 40 MB WiFi connection, the only Myanmar resort in the world, 1000 Ks cocktail, 24 hour 360 degree shuttle bus shuttle bus to Myanmar, 250 plus movie library, finger tip transport and booking and more.

The Botahtaung is now regarded as the eastern point of Yangon. The Deluxe Rooms are equipped with the latest comfort and luxuries. Rooms have a stunning view of the evolving Yangon City. Junior suits are the hotel's 63 highlights, with adjoining galley, en-suite with bathtub, lounge and mastroom.

The roomy suite has its own refrigeration system for each room and is often used as a private conference room or Honeymoon suite. I' d reserved my room before I read the TripAdvisor ratings, so I wasn't sure what to expect; but after my sojourn here I was far from feeling frustrated.

Observe FIFA 2018 at the entrance to Russia and keep your thumbs crossed, take the sporting spirits to the back room and play a great match with a lot of excitement!

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