What's the size of a chalia? How do Chausies like to live with and are they easy to train? This is a large short-haired domestic cat, crossed between a female Abyssinian and a male Felis chaus. California " Chausie ". Chausie has everything!

Relinquish the Chausie for 11 good causes

Let yourself be enchanted by the Chausie - a dauntless cute little jungle pussy with an incomparable touch of serenity! They are not for the relaxed laptop kitten lover, these fun kittens are a mixture of brains and sportiness. What is the pronunciation of the Chausie? Its name comes from the name Felis Cha.

The history of the Chausie goes back to old Egypt, as you can see from his fierce gaze. The Chausie was first found in parts of the Far and Middle East in the 1960' and is a hybride forefather of the venerable Jungle Cat, house-made by Egyptians who were amazed by their amazingly good shooting and relaxed people.

Though jungle cat hybrid has existed for hundreds of years, the Chausie is the first household cat breed to be registered formally - it received International Cat Association (TICA) registry in 1995. As far as the kittens are concerned, the alley is quite big. Casual s appear in three beautiful designs - tan tipped tobby, solidblack, and gizzled-tobby.

Braun ticketed tobacco is the colour preserved by the Chausie' s Jungle Cat's ancestors and has a lock on the inside of the front leg down to the hocks of the rearleg. Though they are susceptible to malice because of their forceful character, causies are very loyally attached to their favorite character and enjoy spending quality leisure with their beloved ones.

Being loving, energetic, people-oriented dogs, the aim of causies is to please their owners and to shower them with loving and attentive care. Childrens have low trunks that allow them to take a breath - an uncommon feature that makes them look like they have infinite quantities of power. Chaussies are extremely smart and like to learn new moves - playing fettch and running on a lead are two of their most popular skills.

They are always inquisitive, with a fun appearance that accompanies them into their adult years and makes them appear young forever. Chausie' s top coat is rough to resist the hard parts of the jungles, while the sub-wool is brief and thickened. The Chausie is set to run and bounce like a high-flyer in the show - no bounce is too big, no altitude too discouraging.

Mumified jungle pussycats were found in ancient Egypt graves, which proves how much they were appreciated by the Egyptians. The jungle cat was often mutilated together with its owner during the official burial in ancient Egypt. They thought that this would lead the cat to the hereafter.

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