Chausie is a hybrid cat breed, which means that it is also part of a wild cat. Its name derives from the Latin name for the jungle cat, felis chaus. Please visit our website for more information: www.chausierescue. com or email Chausie@chausierescue.

com. The Chausie ("Jungle Curl", Stone Cougar, Mountain Cougar) is a mixture of the domestic cat (Felis silvestris catus) and the jungle cat (Felis chaus). This is a summary of the history and characteristics of the Chausie cat.


Chowies are very energetic, forceful females. In spite of their ferocious descent, cousins are loving and very people-oriented. As a rule, male chauvinias are only reproductive after four or five generation from jungle feline husbandry. Chowies are very busy males. Chausie arose in the 1960', when Jungle Croats (Felis chaus), a feral breed found in parts of the Far and Middle East, were raised with domestic shorthairs into a hybrids cattery.

The jungle cats were worshipped in old Egypt and found with mummification in the graves of Egyptians. Chausie was recognized by the International Cat Association (TICA) as a charity in 1995. In 2002 the race reached the evaluated state and one year later the ANB. The chalia breeder is currently working on a championship.

Meet the Chausie: Jungle to lounge

The Chausie ( "CHOW Lake") is the latest development of the various hybrids of wild cats. Nevertheless, this cats is as open-minded and people-oriented as any household cats. Chausie' s roots began in the 60s, when some folks started an experimental jungle feline (Felis chaus) kennel kittens, but these endeavors did not get very far until some growers came together to devise a scheduled cattery.

The work of the Chausie was worthwhile in 1995 when it was registered as a trust with the International cat Ass. (TICA). The TICA was granted breeding champion title in 2013. Cats lovers' organisation does not recognise the Chausie. Chausie is a large female with male between 15 and 25 lbs and female between 10 and 20 lbs.

His fierce forebears are mirrored in his face: long, square cheek bones, a long fang and high, clumpy eyes, which are slightly tilted outwards on the skull. Chausie' s coat is available in three colour patterns: stippled or tickled sandy with dark spots, grilled barbecued burgundy (black with dark spots) and plain bark.

Chausie is so young that there is not much available to say about life expectancy, but what anecdotal evidence suggests that she is less susceptible to racially related problems due to her jungles and the number of householders.

One of the known problems in Chausies concerns nutrition and ingestion. Chausie' s bowels are short compared to many household pets and are therefore even more of an obligatory predator than most of them. They cannot give a chalia grain or carbohydrate substitutes as this can irritate its bowels and cause IBS.

Chances are best suited for low-carbohydrate, grain-free preserves or uncooked foods. When feeding your chalia a home-made crudités, use tried-and-tested formulas and work in close cooperation with your veterinarian to make sure you meet all of his dietary needs. Chausie is not a beginner's feline.

When you have kids and don't have the agility to give your Chausie much movement, this is not the right race for you. Even if your Chausie will relax throughout his life, he will still retain his childlike cheerfulness and inquisitiveness long after he has grown up. Chauvinists make strong ties with humans, so please do everything you can to prevent you from giving up your chauvinism; because he is so loyally with you, he will find it difficult to resuscitate you once you have stayed with you.

Sculptures of the ancient egypt divine Bast with her long, slim bodies and big eyes should be based on the jungle cat. Chausie was named in honour of the name Felis Chauss. Though the Chausie has a rather smaller cock than most of the other kittens, if her cock is too small - less than three fourths of the usual length - she can be excluded from the show.

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